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Water Bottles: Ratings of Sources

Total of 32 Sources
1. Good Housekeeping
Not Dated
Reusable Water Bottles Tested
by Editors of Good Housekeeping
Our AssessmentGood Housekeeping tests 32 reusable water bottles that claim to be BPA-free. Each bottle is subjected to stability, leak and drop tests, and a panel of testers evaluates the bottles for comfort, ease of use and appearance. The water bottles that claim to be dishwasher-safe are also run through 28 dishwasher cycles. Of the 32 bottles tested, the Nalgene OTG Everyday, CamelBak Podium and Product Architects Polar Bottle are the top three. The bottles are listed in descending order, but the scores themselves aren't listed.
2. Wired
Oct. 20, 2008
Bottle Shock: 4 BPA-Free Water Bottles Endure Torture Testing
by Daniel Dumas
Our AssessmentWired puts four stainless-steel water bottles through a torture test, which includes freezing, boiling and dropping. Each bottle is also run over by a VW Beetle. Every bottle gets a lengthy review, and the author notes pros and cons for each. You can also see a picture of how each bottle looks after the torture test. Of the four tested, the Klean Kanteen fares the best.
3. Gardenaut (blog)
May 12, 2008
BPA-Free Water Bottle Showdown
by Jeremiah McNichols
Our AssessmentBlogger Jeremiah McNichols evaluates 10 BPA-free water bottles over a five-week span using four criteria: design, durability, insulation and value. Top picks -- based on high scores in each criterion -- include the CamelBak Performance Bottle, Nalgene OTG Everyday, Product Architects Polar Bottle, Thermos Raya and ThinkSport Bottle.
4. Men's Journal
Oct. 13, 2008
Reviewed: Water Bottles
by Tobin Hack
Our AssessmentTobin Hack tests a number of water bottles in this balanced review, but no details are provided as to what type of tests were performed. Hack devotes a short paragraph to each bottle, and although they're not rated, he does list some pros and cons of each.
5. Slate.com
Aug. 21, 2007
Message in a Bottle
by Laura Moser
Our AssessmentLaura Moser enlists six friends to test eight water bottles, evaluating each for user-friendliness, taste, style and portability. The testing is thorough and the review is comparative, but it was conducted before many of the new BPA-free bottles hit the market. Some of the plastic bottles reviewed are rated lower because they're made with BPA, and newer water bottles from these manufacturers are BPA-free.
6. HuffingtonPost.com
Jan. 29, 2010
The Best Reusable Water Bottles
by Lindsay Armstrong
Our AssessmentLindsay Armstrong provides a wide array of reusable bottle favorites, though Armstrong doesn't clarify exactly how they were chosen. Readers can then score each bottle on a scale of 1 to 10, and Huffington Post provides the rankings and scores of the nine bottles.
7. Outside
May 2009
The Essentials: Editor's Choice Awards
by Editors of Outside
Our AssessmentOutside magazine asks various editors to select their favorite gear of the year in the Editor's Choice awards. The products have been tested by each editor, but the bottles get only a brief, one-sentence overview. Sam Moulton picks the Guyot Designs Backpacker, a 32-ounce stainless-steel water bottle. Will Palmer selects the Sigg Eco Message, which is part of the Sigg Lifestyle collection.
8. Time magazine
Dec. 11, 2008
Top 5 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles
by Hilary Hylton
Our AssessmentTime magazine picks the five most eco-friendly water bottles, but the review also includes information on durability and reliability. Popular brands like Sigg, Nalgene and CamelBak are tested, but there are no direct comparisons between the water bottles. While each bottle gets a positive review, the 27-ounce Klean Kanteen is the author's favorite.
9. CyclingNews.com
Jan. 11, 2011
Product Review: Specialized Purist Watergate Bottle
by James Huang
Our AssessmentHuang prefaces his article with the header "pricey but nearly perfect in every way," which sums up his feelings on the bottle succinctly. His enthusiastic review does point out a few concerns, though. He notes that the durability of the silica coating hasn't yet been proven, that Specialized doesn't offer an insulated version and that the bottle is expensive.
Gear of the Year 2011: Must-Have Gear for Spring and Summer
by Steve Casimiro
Our AssessmentKlean Kanteen is selected as the best water bottle of the season thanks to its streamlined and sleek design. The lack of lining also wins points, and Casimiro says the bottle gives water "absolutely no aftertaste."
11. About.com
Updated Jan. 24, 2011
BPA-Free Water Bottles
by Wendy Bumgardner
Our AssessmentWendy Bumgardner, the guide to walking for About.com, reviews six water bottles. Her favorite is the Ultimate Direction bottle, which is made of safer polyethylene plastic, because it "allows easy access." The CamelBak Performance bottle is also a favorite, because you don't have to "tilt it to drink out of it." (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
12. DailyHiker.com
Oct. 5, 2010
Review: CamelBak Groove
by Sarah McIntyre
Our AssessmentWhile the reviews on this site don't compare multiple products, McIntyre offers an honest opinion of the pros and cons of the CamelBak Groove and Nalgene OTF. Though admittedly skeptical at first, McIntyre says the Groove succeeds where competitors have missed the mark. The bite valve functions just like the CamelBak Better Bottle's, and McIntyre says the filter doesn't slow the flow of water at all. The bottle's also easy to use and durable. As for the Nalgene OTF -- look for the "similar posts" link to the right of the page -- she praises its versatile lid and says this is more of a lifestyle bottle than one used for hiking.
13. Outside
June 2009
Summer 2009 Buyer's Guide: Accessories
by Alicia Carr
Our AssessmentOnly one water bottle scores a mention in this Outside magazine buyer's guide -- the Sigg Retro Bottle, formerly known as the Sigg Heritage. Reviewer Alicia Carr likes the ribbing on the outside of the bottle, which makes it easier to grasp, and says the Sigg liner helps prevent odors.
14. BikeHugger.com
March 11, 2009
CamelBak Podium Water Bottle
by David Schloss
Our AssessmentWhile David Schloss at BikeHugger.com compares the CamelBak Podium to only one competitor, his efforts to test the bottle reveal a good deal of valuable information. He calls the CamelBak Podium a "joy to drink from" and finds it more comfortable than most sport bottles, but he acknowledges that it can be hard to squeeze. Overall, Schloss gives the bottle high marks.
Best of Adventure Gear
by Steve Casimiro
Our AssessmentThe Kor One water bottle wins a Best of Adventure Gear award from National Geographic Adventure magazine. The 750-milliliter bottle is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic. Reviewer Steve Casimiro likes the flip top.
16. The New York Times
Nov. 6, 2008
Gear Test with Eric Linxweiler, Outdoorsman; Not Simply a Water Bottle
by Yishane Lee
Our AssessmentThe New York Times enlists the help of Eric Linxweiler, the president of an outdoor recreation club, to test five water bottles on multiple hikes around Seattle. He details his personal opinion on each bottle, but there are no numerical ratings assigned. Linxweiler finds positives and negatives with all of the water bottles but says the Thermos Intak is his favorite.
17. BikeRadar.com
As of Sept. 2009
Water Bottle
by Editors of BikeRadar.com
Our AssessmentBikeRadar.com reviews several water bottles, but most bottles reviewed by this U.K. site aren't widely available in the United States. Still, the highest-rated bottle on the site, the CamelBak Podium ChillJacket, is available here.
18. About.com
Not Dated
Top 6 Top Water Filter Bottles
by Sean Paajanen
Our AssessmentAbout.com's review isn't comparative, though it does provide a brief explanation of the pros and cons of each bottle. The Innova Water Filter Bottle, Katadyn Exstream and Clear Brook Portable Water Filter Bottle are Paajanen's top picks. The squeezable Innova is sport-friendly, the Exstream is versatile thanks to a variety of bottle sizes and options, and Paajanen says the Clear Brook is rugged and "great for folks on the go." (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
19. Health Magazine
June 22, 2009
America's Healthiest Fitness Buys 2009
by Taylor Dahl, Jacquelyne Froeber and Josh Rutledge
Our AssessmentHealth magazine picks the CamelBak Podium ChillJacket as one of the healthiest fitness buys in 2009. Using a panel of expert judges, Health tested hundreds of fitness products and picked 24 that are "must-haves." The judges love the Podium ChillJacket's self-sealing valve and insulation to keep fluids cool.
20. Vegetarian Times
April 2009
BPA-Free at Last
by Elizabeth Turner
Our AssessmentFour Vegetarian Times staffers list their top BPA-free water bottles in this short article. Favorites include Sigg's Make Love Not Landfill, the CamelBak Better Bottle, the Nalgene OTG Tritan and the 13-ounce EarthLust Bottle.
21. Amazon.com
As of June 2011
BPA-Free Water Bottles
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentTo its credit, Amazon.com groups BPA-free bottles together, which helps users narrow down their choices. There are hundreds of owner-written reviews of BPA-free water bottles on this site. The CamelBak Better Bottle and bottles from Nalgene's Wide Mouth line all get high ratings.
22. Amazon.com
As of June 2011
Filter Water Bottle
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon's customer reviews of filter bottles aren't nearly as extensive as those of BPA-free bottles in general, but a few products do stand out. The Bobble gets more than 100 reviews (the most of any filter bottle) and scores roughly 4 stars out of 5. The CamelBak Groove matches the Bobble in both quantity of reviews and overall score. Though these scores can't compare with other BPA-free bottles, these two products fare better than other filter bottles.
23. KineticShift.com
Nov. 16, 2010
Hands On: Water Bottle Round-up -- Specialized Purist with the Watergate Valve
by Brian O'Connor
Our AssessmentThis analytical review focuses specifically on testing Specialized's claims. O'Connor says the silica lining and Watergate mouthpiece live up to the product's claim, though he finds the bottle doesn't rinse clean as advertised. He says the bottle retained the smell of a sports drink after multiple washings, which other reviewers did not find.
24. GearJunkie.com
As of June 2011
Gear Reviews
by Stephen Regenold
Our AssessmentStephen Regenold reviews a number of water bottles, including the CamelBak Podium, CamelBak Better Bottle, Nalgene Everyday and Specialized Purist. He also reviews the CamelBak All Clear Water Purifier, which works with the CamelBak Better Bottle as well as other comparable models. He doesn't rate the bottles, but his reviews are detailed and based on personal testing.
25. DanBailey.net
April 18, 2011
Review: Specialized Purist Bottles
by Dan Bailey
Our AssessmentBailey focuses his review on the silica lining of the Purist, saying he tested the bottle by leaving it for a week in a car that alternated hot and cold. At the end of the test, he finds that the water has not picked up the flavor of the plastic. Bailey doesn't discuss many of the bottle's other features, but mentions that it's pricey.
26. Outside
Sept. 2008
Future Gear
by Editors of Outside magazine
Our AssessmentOutside magazine reviews a number of outdoor products that represent the "future of gear," including the Kor One water bottle. There's not a huge amount of detail, but the Kor One gets a brief review that praises its design.
2009 Editor's Choice Awards
by Editors of Women's Adventure magazine
Our AssessmentWomen's Adventure compiles the best products for a variety of outdoor sports, and the Katadyn Micro Bottle is the only filter bottle to make the list. The review isn't comparative, but editors do point out the pros of this bottle, which "is best suited for shorter day hikes, but can be used on long trips where water is abundant."
28. Buzzillions.com
As of June 2011
Water Bottle Reviews
by Contributors to Buzzillions.com
Our AssessmentBuzzillions.com compiles owner-written reviews from retailers around the web, including REI.com and Zappos.com, and organizes the reviews into categories: BPA-free water bottles, aluminum water bottles and stainless-steel water bottles. The CamelBak Better Bottle is the top-rated BPA-free water bottle with more than 300 individual reviews and an average rating of 4.8 stars. The Sigg Classic is the highest-rated aluminum bottle -- though it has fewer reviews overall -- and the Klean Kanteen is the highest-rated stainless-steel bottle but has the fewest reviews of the three. There are still fewer user reviews on Buzzillions.com for filter bottles, though the CamelBak Groove gets the most and scores 4-plus stars. The Katadyn Micro Bottle, which was popular in another review, gets only mediocre scores here.
29. Men's Health
93 Products We Love
by Editors of Men's Health
Our AssessmentIn the Men's Health 2008 Tech Guide, the CamelBak Podium water bottle is recommended as a good choice for athletes and cyclists. The bite valve -- seen on CamelBak's hydration packs -- gets high marks for preventing leaks.
30. BikeRumor.com
Sept. 20, 2010
New Purist Water Bottles from Specialized
by Editors of BikeRumor.com
Our AssessmentThis article offers only a brief introduction to the Purist, which was new at the time. It isn't clear whether the writer has used the bottle himself.
Plastic Water Bottles: Is "BPA-Free" the Same as Safe?
by Sheryl Eisenberg
Our AssessmentSheryl Eisenberg is an advisor to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and maintains the This Green Life blog for the NRDC website. In this article, Eisenberg examines whether BPA-free water bottles are safer than water bottles containing BPA. As an alternative to plastic, she recommends stainless steel. Eisenberg says Sigg aluminum bottles are another option but notes the company hasn't been forthcoming about the contents of its liner.
Bisphenol A: Toxic Plastics Chemical in Canned Food: BPA and Human Diseases on the Rise
by Editors of Environmental Working Group
Our AssessmentThis article doesn't review any water bottles, but the Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides a detailed overview of the potential health risks for BPA. The EWG suggests that BPA may be linked to a variety of health issues, including cancer, diabetes and reproductive problems. The EWG also includes tips on how to reduce your exposure to this common chemical.

Water Bottles Runners Up:

Sigg Classic Traveler *Est. $25 for 1-liter bottle

6 picks including: About.com, Amazon.com…

Nalgene OTG - On The Go *Est. $10 for 24-oz. bottle

4 picks including: About.com, Amazon.com…

CamelBak Podium *Est. $8 for 21-oz. bottle

3 picks including: Amazon.com, Good Housekeeping…

Nalgene Wide Mouth *Est. $10 for 32-oz. bottle

3 picks including: Amazon.com, Good Housekeeping…

Platypus Platy Collapsible Bottle *Est. $13 for 2-liter bottle

3 picks including: Amazon.com, Backcountry.com…

CamelBak Performance *Est. $8 for 22-oz. bottle

2 picks including: About.com, Amazon.com…

Kor One *Est. $30 for 25-oz. bottle

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Outside Magazine…

Product Architects Polar Bottle *Est. $12 for 24-oz. bottle

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Good Housekeeping…

CamelBak Podium Chill *Est. $12 for 21-oz. bottle

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Health…

Guyot Designs Backpacker *Est. $25 for 32-oz. bottle

2 picks including: Good Housekeeping, The New York Times…

EarthLust Bottle 13oz. *Est. $16 for 13-oz. bottle

2 picks including: Amazon.com, Vegetarian Times…

NALGENE Tritan OTG BPA-Free Water Bottle 24 Oz
Buy from Amazon.com
from Amazon.com
New: $9.99   
Average Customer Review:  
CamelBak Podium Bottle
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from Amazon.com
New: $8.95   
Average Customer Review:  
CamelBak Performance 22-Ounce Water Bottle
Buy from Amazon.com
from Amazon.com
New: $8.00   
Average Customer Review:  
Kor Water - KOR ONE Hydration Vessel, Sawgrass Green
Buy from Amazon.com
from Amazon.com
Average Customer Review:  
Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle
Buy from Amazon.com
from Amazon.com
New: $10.99   
Average Customer Review:  
CamelBak Podium Chill Bottle (Carbon, 21 -Ounce)
Buy from Amazon.com
from Amazon.com
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In Stock.
Average Customer Review:  
Guyot Designs Stainless Steel Water Bottle - The Backpacker
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from Amazon.com
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In Stock.
Average Customer Review:  
Clearbrook Portable Water Filtration Sport Bottle
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In Stock.
Average Customer Review:  
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