Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher
Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher

Best water filter pitcher

Experts highly recommend the Clear 2O Water Filtration Pitcher. With its hose-like faucet attachment, the pitcher quickly funnels filtered water into its slim carafe from the tap. It also holds more than most pitchers and excels at filtering out many contaminants.
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Culligan Faucet Filter FM-15A
Culligan Faucet Filter FM-15A

Best faucet-mount filter

The Culligan Faucet Filter FM-15A is easy to install and convenient to use, reviewers say, with a switch that automatically turns the filter off when the water stops flowing. Its two-year warranty is one of the longest available. The most common complaint about this unit is its slow flow rate.
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Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis Filtration System WHER25
Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis Filtration System WHER25

Best under-sink filter

The Whirlpool Reverse Osmosis Filtration System WHER25 combines an under-the-sink filter with a reverse osmosis system for comprehensive filtering at a price lower than most other reverse osmosis units. It delivers great-tasting water faster than faucet-mounted filters, but the complicated installation requires tools and some plumbing know-how.
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Home water filters can save money over bottled water.

Home water filters remove chlorine and odors to improve taste, and many make drinking water more pure by reducing harmful contaminants such as lead and arsenic. Per gallon, they're usually cheaper than buying bottled water and more convenient than filling jugs at front-of-store dispensers.

The two types of water filters are point-of-use and point-of-entry. In this report, we focus solely on point-of-use filters, the most common variety.

Point-of-use filters are available in three styles: faucet-mount, under-sink and water pitcher. Most use activated carbon to absorb impurities and odors. Faucet-mount and pitcher filters tend to be the least expensive, while under-sink models cost more and must be installed, which may require plumbing modifications.

Point-of-entry systems filter an entire household's water supply. These are usually installed in basements or outside, and experts say they're best for stopping visual contaminants like dirt, sediment and rust. However, point-of-use filters are still needed to remove microbial cysts like parasites and certain other contaminants.

For water that reeks of chlorine, homeowners can install a shower filter with a vitamin C element, such as the Vitashower SF-1 Shower Filter . Reusable water bottles (*Est. $15 to $25) with built-in filters are a great way to drink clean water on the go; check out our water bottle review.

To select the best point-of-use water filters, we analyzed lab results from several professional testing organizations and evaluated hundreds of expert and user reviews, carefully considering feedback on installation, convenience and durability. Read on to learn about our recommendations for the water filters that are best at removing bad taste and contaminants.

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