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Weather Radios: Ratings of Sources

Total of 12 Sources
1. Amazon.com
As of June 2013
Weather Radios
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAt Amazon.com, users weigh in on emergency weather radios they've purchased, offering ratings and feedback. Some weather radios get only a handful of comments from owners, while others attract hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of reviews. The quality of the write-ups varies greatly, but in many cases there are enough reviews for a consensus to emerge. Reports from users who have needed to rely on their weather and emergency radios are especially illuminating.
2. RadioShack.com
As of June 2013
Weather Radios
by Contributors to RadioShack.com
Our AssessmentRadioShack.com, another top retailer of weather radios that posts user reviews, sells its own brand as well as those of several other manufacturers. This site is the best -- if not the only -- place to find feedback on RadioShack products. Navigation is straightforward, and ratings are posted on the main page. User reviews for each unit vary in quality, depth and number but generally provide a decent level of detail on how each radio performs.
3. Walmart.com
As of March 2012
Weather Radios
by Contributors to Walmart.com
Our AssessmentAlthough most weather radios don't attract as many consumer reviews here as other products on Walmart.com, there are enough ratings and comments to get a good sense of which models rank highly. The quality of user reviews varies, ranging from useful specifics to general comments, though each review does indicate how long they've owned their weather or emergency radio and how often they use it.
How to Select the Best Weather Radio for Your Needs
by Graham McClung
Our AssessmentGeologist and amateur weather enthusiast Graham McClung offers advice and purchase recommendations for emergency weather radios in this article. He provides helpful background information and details on what features to look for in weather radios. Links lead to relatively detailed single-radio write-ups, but his recommendations are based on features rather than testing and some suggestions are dated.
5. BHPhotoVideo.com
As of June 2013
Weather Radios
by Contributors to BHPhotoVideo.com
Our AssessmentB&H Photo and Video's selection of emergency weather radios is limited, and you have to dig through other general non-weather radios to find what you're looking for. However, several weather radios receive a solid number of customer reviews. The reviews themselves include information about the reviewer and indicate whether they're a verified buyer or not.
6. Bestcovery.com
May 4, 2011
Best Weather Radio
by Josh Tuliano
Our AssessmentThis overview of top weather radios showcases five picks. Though three of the selections are discontinued, the piece does include a good summary on the two still-available units that includes a scored rating for each. The two top choices seem solid, and reviewer Josh Tuliano provides a nice summary of each, though his reviews don't give any indication of his evaluation methods or level of hands-on testing.
7. TopTenReviews.com
Not dated
2013 Compare Best Hand Crank Radios
by Editors of TopTenReviews.com
Our AssessmentThis article ranks 11 hand-crank radios, linking to reviews that run down notable features and provide ratings that compare to other models listed. However, there's no specific information about rating criteria or whether editors actually had hands-on testing time with any of the units mentioned.
8. EHam.net
As of June 2013
Receivers: Weather Alert
by Contributors to eHam.net
Our AssessmentThis site for ham radio enthusiasts includes user feedback on weather radios. Navigation is easy, with comments listed in a table format that includes an average rating, number of reviews and last review date. Contributors seem knowledgeable about radios, which increases review credibility, though most of the radios listed are older models and many are discontinued.
9. WorldTravelGuide.com
Not dated
Best Emergency Portable Radios - The Best Solar and Hand Crank Wind Up Radios
by Editors at WorldTravelGuide.com
Our AssessmentThough this article initially makes vague reference to multiple radios, editors at WorldTravelGuide.com specifically focus on running down the perks and details of a single model of hand-crank weather radio. The review focuses far more on features than on performance and durability. Still, hikers and backpackers may find this information valuable, since it emphasizes weather radio portability.
10. RadioReference.com
As of June 2013
Severe Weather/Storm Chasing
by Contributors to RadioReference.com
Our AssessmentThis radio communications website includes a forum on severe weather and storm chasing. While there's not a great deal of discussion about weather radios, the site does include some useful feedback. Users share their opinions, answer questions from others and post informal reviews. Most are short, but a few are lengthy and even include photographs.
11. WXForum.net
As of March 2012
Weather Radios
by Contributors to WXForum.net
Our AssessmentThis weather-enthusiast website includes a discussion forum on weather radios. Traffic is light, however, so there isn't much feedback. A thread entitled "Best Weather Radio" generates largely positive comments about several current models, though the thread itself is quite old. Other more recent threads also reference the pros and cons of various weather radio models as well as troubleshooting issues users encounter.
12. Richard Rhodes
June 1, 2009
Weather Radio Update 2006
by Richard C. Rhodes
Our AssessmentTexas-based ham radio operator Richard Rhodes offers advice about weather radios on his personal website. Although the information is now somewhat dated, there's a lot of discussion about the Midland WR-300, which meets with his general approval. Many of the other radios he addresses have since been discontinued.
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