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Sangean CL-100

*Est. $65
March 2012
by ConsumerSearch
Sangean CL-100

  • Public Alert certification
  • SAME programming
  • Good alarm clock and AM/FM radio
  • Defeatable alerts
  • Recognizes EOM signal
  • No hand crank for emergency use
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Holds fewer SAME codes than others
  • Some wish programming were easier
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Being newer to the market, the Sangean CL-100 doesn't get as much attention from reviewers as some other desktop weather radios. That keeps it from overtaking the very popular and extensively reviewed Midland WR-300 (*Est. $50) as a top pick. However, the feedback we've seen says it's a worthy competitor and merits consideration.

This desktop weather radio has the same features as the WR-300, including the ability to eliminate certain types of alerts. It holds only 25 SAME codes compared to the WR-300's 30, but is programmed to recognize the End of Message (EOM) signal that follows an alert so owners don't have to shut off the radio manually to keep the alert from repeating. Its clock radio functionality also draws more compliments, and most users say this weather radio is easy to program. While complaints are sporadic, a few reviews say other nearby electronic devices can interfere with reception at times.

Amateur radio enthusiast Graham McClung gives a detailed and favorable review of the Sangean CL-100 on his website, Other useful feedback can be found at retailers and A brief overview at Wave 3 Weather offers helpful information about performance and features based on one contributor's hands-on testing.

MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio
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Sangean CL-100 Table-Top Weather Hazard Alert with AM/FM-RBDS Alarm Clock Radio

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Our Sources


Geologist and amateur weather enthusiast Graham McClung takes a detailed look at the Sangean CL-100. He not only analyzes its features and performance but also evaluates it against two close competitors, the Midland WR-300 and the Reecom R-1650. While McClung finds that all of the radios have their strengths, he calls the Sangean CL-100 "both a very good weather alert radio and a top-quality clock radio."

Review: Sangean CL-100 Weather Alert Radio Review, Graham McClung, April 4, 2011


While the CL-100 doesn't get as much feedback as other desktop weather radios, there's enough to give the owner reviews here some weight. While some of the 75 posters complain that the radio could be more user-friendly, the overwhelming majority is mostly to completely pleased, contributing to a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Review: Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Certified S.A.M.E. Weather Hazard Alert Radio, Contributors to, As of March 2012


Electronics retailer J&R allows customers to post product reviews on its website. Provided are numeric ratings, narrative feedback and shorts lists of each radio's pros and cons. The Sangean CL-100 attracts fewer than 20 reviews but earns an impressive 4.8 stars out of 5. Cons are few and not isolated to one particular issue. All owners say they'd recommend the CL-100 to a friend.

Review: Sangean CL-100 S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Table Top Radio, Contributors to, As of March 2012

4. Wave 3 Weather

Reviewer Richard Kimber tests the Sangean CL-100 himself, but doesn't provide an especially in-depth or comparative write-up. He says the weather radio's nice mix of functionality, build quality and design quality make it "a home run."

Review: Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Certified S.A.M.E. Weather Hazard Alert Radio Review, Richard Kimber, Aug. 20, 2011

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