Updated March 31, 2014
Bottom Line

Google Chrome has upped the ante in the browser wars by adding awesome features like voice search and syncing to its once-simple browser. In terms of speed, Chrome outshines the competition in many benchmark tests. Consumers and experts, however, have lingering concerns about Chrome's privacy policies and how the browser sends information back to Google.


Speed demon. Google Chrome's browser takes a minimalist approach, stripping down to basic browsing with an ultra-simple, intuitive interface. Reviewers find it very fast, with superb search features and excellent malware and phishing protection. While Chrome still has a simple design (adopting, not surprisingly, Google's model to ensure faster page loading), it has added bells and whistles in its many, many updates. (At press time for this report, Chrome was on version 33 and counting.) It's compatible with Windows (including XP and Vista), Mac, Linux and iOS.

  • Fast and simple
  • Easy to sync across devices
  • Auto updates
  • Privacy concerns
  • Bare-bones design