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Firefox 5

July 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Firefox 5

Best browser overall

  • Thousands of add-ons available
  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Options can be overwhelming
  • Many features require add-ons
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Reviewers like Firefox 5 for its customization options. Popular apps provide increased security and block unwanted advertising. Bloggers, gamers, shoppers and researchers can set up the browser to suit their tasks, using plug-ins and add-ons. Those who don't need the bells and whistles will find basic Firefox easy to use. Firefox has led the browser field for several years -- according to reviewers -- but Chrome is quickly catching up. Comparative reviews find Chrome to be faster than Firefox 5, plus users are drawn to Chrome's simple appearance. Still, Firefox continues to gain on Internet Explorer 9's share of the browser market. Firefox's mobile app has been well received, and reviewers say it mimics the desktop version.

We found the best reviews for Firefox at, Macworld and TopTenReviews has a comparison chart featuring the top browsers, including Firefox, along with separate reviews for each product. Macworld uses graphics to compare the performance of the major browsers against web standards. TechRadar compares Firefox head to head against Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 10. PC World and take a look at Firefox 5, the latest version.

Our Sources


Digitizor editors use several benchmark tests to compare Firefox 5's performance against Chrome and Opera. Firefox does well in most of the tests, even beating Chrome and Opera in memory usage. Chrome does the best overall, though.

Review: Firefox 5 Benchmarked -- Faster And Better Than Ever Before!, "Ricky", June 21, 2011

2. PC World

This article outlines the new features available in Firefox 5 as well as the Firefox 5 Android app. Editor Katherine Noyes likes that the "Do Not Track" feature is easier to find and that the new version is faster than Firefox 4.

Review: Five Good Reasons to Download Firefox 5, Katherine Noyes, June 21, 2011

3. looks at 10 different web browsers, ranks them and provides an easy-to-use comparison chart as well as more detailed reviews of each browser. Firefox is the winner here, lauded for its customization features and ease of use.

Review: 2011 Internet Browser Software Review Product Comparisons, Editors of

4. Macworld

This detailed review of Firefox 4 includes colorful bar graphs that show how the browser performs in benchmark tests compared to the previous version (Firefox 3.6.15) as well as Safari, Chrome and Opera. Nathan Alderman says Firefox 4 is "well worth a try," acknowledging that it's not the fastest browser out there.

Review: Mozilla Firefox 4, Nathan Alderman, April 6, 2011


TechRadar picks Firefox 4 as the best browser after taking a solid look at how it compares to IE and Chrome for speed, video support and features like tabs, bookmarks and syncing.

Review: IE9 vs. Firefox 4 vs. Chrome 10, Gary Marshall, March 15, 2011

6. PC World

Based on head-to-head tests, Keir Thomas gives Firefox 4 a very slight edge over Chrome 10, while pointing out that performance differences between the two are nearly indistinguishable.

Review: Chrome 10 vs. Firefox 4: Open Source Browser Battle, Keir Thomas, March 10, 2011


CNET editors give Firefox 5 a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, the same as Chrome 12, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 11. The main drawback is that "it uses massive amounts of RAM," but editors say that speed is much improved. The Android app is a "must-have," editors also say.

Review: Browser Reviews, Editors and Contributors to CNET


This standalone review is generally positive about Firefox Mobile, particularly because it gives the user a similar experience to PC browsing. However, the reviewer notes problems with syncing and video playback.

Review: Firefox Mobile Review, Richard Goodwin, March 9, 2010

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