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Safari, Camino, iCab and Firefox for Mac

Firefox -- most reviewers' pick for the best overall browser -- is likely a Mac user's best choice as well. While most of the reviews we looked at have positive things to say about Apple's Safari browser, few name it the best browser out there. In most benchmark tests Safari trails the competition. Tom's Hardware ranks it fifth out of five.

When it was released in 2010, many reviewers criticized Safari 5 as the least secure web browser Apple had ever released. rates Safari 5 behind the other major browsers when it comes to security. The review states the Safari blocks spyware, viruses and pop-ups, but it may be vulnerable to phishing. Apple has issued numerous security updates since the release of Safari 5, but even Mac users should consider installing security software.

Michael Muchmore at ranks the Safari browser as equal to Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera in most categories. He commends the current version for its strong bookmarking, new-tab page, RSS reader and HTML5 support. TechRadar's Gary Marshall applauds the ability to change the default search bar from Google to Bing, and comments on Safari's speed and compliance with web standards. However, Marshall and other reviewers find that none of these features -- or anything else about Safari -- is likely to lure fans way from Chrome or Firefox.

There a few Mac-only browsers like iCab and Camino 2. TechRadar likes Camino for its speed, stability and ad blocking, but says this alternative browser does not offer anything users won't find elsewhere.

Comparative testing shows Chrome to be a little faster and more secure than Safari 5. Firefox is slower, but loaded with add-ons and customization features. If users have space, adding another browser next to Safari might not be a bad idea.

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