Maxthon Cloud Browser Review

Updated March 31, 2014
Maxthon Cloud Browser
Bottom Line

If you're looking for a browser that will let you share your tabs, passwords, searches, bookmarks and even links between devices, Maxthon Cloud Browser 4 is your best bet. While less well known than competitors like Chrome and Firefox, Maxthon's Cloud Browser receives enthusiastic reviews from experts who say there's no better browser for syncing between your tablet, smartphone and computer.


So-so speed; superb syncing. Maxthon is a cloud-based browser, which makes it easy to sync your browser activity between different devices. Setup involves creating a name and password -- you then download the browser to your various devices (Mac, PC, iOS and Android are supported). Maxthon consistently performs at the mid-level in tests with leading browsers but supports the newest web standards. Reviewers don't complain about download times or memory usage (Maxthon has easy-to-read memory usage data built into the browser's interface) but some have issues with the Flash player (Maxthon promises a fix) and delays in receiving links that were pushed from one device to another. Despite these few incidents, multiple experts who test Maxthon recommend the browser for its performance and features.

  • Cloud-based for easy syncing
  • Great default privacy settings
  • No built-in PDF viewer


Reader- and cloud-friendly. Maxthon is laden with features and experts praise its innovation. While many browsers facilitate syncing between devices, Maxthon is the best at it, reviewers say. In addition to sharing bookmarks, passwords, tabs and other information across computers, tablets and phones, Maxthon lets you push links, text and images to other devices connected to your account and you can also send and store downloaded files to cloud storage. On iPhones, content can be sent to the cloud simply by shaking the phone. You can have multiple accounts on a single browser and there's a note taker, password manager and a "reading view" that zeros in on the text by eliminating sidebars and other distractions. (This is similar to Safari's reader.)

Privacy and Security

"Do Not Track" is the default. Maxthon appears to take privacy seriously; it's one of the few browsers to make Do Not Track a default setting. (You can still turn it off if you want.) There's the standard private browsing option and you can set up multiple accounts for yourself, if you prefer. says the browser is limited when it comes to tab management, but highly recommends Maxthon as "the best Web browser you've never used."

Our Sources


Maxthon Cloud Browser 4.2, Michael Muchmore, Jan. 17, 2014 gives Maxthon Cloud Browser an "excellent" (4 out of 5) rating thanks to its cloud and sharing features, speed, privacy policy and compliance with new web standards. The reviewer says no other browser "offers as many cloud storage, syncing, and sharing options a Maxthon Cloud Browser."

2. Macworld

Maxthon review: Browser touts cloud-based features that work across different platforms, Nathan Alderman, Sept. 6, 2013

In this review, gives Maxthon Cloud Browser for Mac a 3.5-out-of-5 rating, praising its wealth of features but noting that pushing links from a laptop to an iPhone "either didn't work, or took hours." The interface made the links difficult to find but worked well once the "system had seemingly worked out its hiccups." 

3. PC Advisor

Maxthon 4.2 review: Browser integrates cloud functionality and multiple session logins, Ian Harac, Jan. 20, 2014

Harac recommends Maxthon as best for users wanting to sync their browser between devices. In his tests, Maxthon's built-in ad blocker and Flash player slowed his machine.


Maxthon Cloud Browser -- Review, Ionut Ilascu, Dec. 11, 2013

Softpedia gives Maxthon a 5-out-of-5-star rating in this detailed review because of its smooth syncing between desktop and mobile, and its speed, which is almost on par with Chrome and Firefox. On the downside, the interface may be too cluttered for some.