Updated March 31, 2014
Bottom Line

Sleek and quick like Chrome and customizable like Firefox, Opera has a solid fan following even though the browser has never gained a large popular base. It's the best choice for older, slower computers, as Opera requires less memory and takes advantage of caching so it often runs when other browsers might crash.


Going "Off Road" for faster browsing. Opera sports an almost skeletal design that minimizes page-loading times. It's not the best browser overall, but Opera's real gem is Off-Road mode, which makes browsing even more bare bones by capturing a compressed version of a web page. Off-Road is critical for anyone who's stuck with a slow connection -- i.e. the majority of the world. Given that most browsers are tailored toward broadband users, there aren't many that cater to the billions of people who have slow computers or Internet connections. The Scandinavian browser is in its own league here, offering what very few other browsers can: faster, basic page downloads. 

  • Uses less memory than other browsers
  • Loads quickly on slow connections and older computers
  • Improved customization
  • Not compatible with some sites
  • Fewer features than major browsers