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Web Browsers: Ratings of Sources

Total of 26 Sources
1. PCMag.com
March 29, 2011
Browser Wars
by Michael Muchmore
Our AssessmentMichael Muchmore, PCMag's software analyst, reviews the five most popular web browsers and gives the slight edge to Google Chrome 12 while noting improvements to Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11 and Apple's Safari 5. This review is the most current of any we found.
2. TomsHardware.com
April 4, 2011
Web Browser Grand Prix 4: Firefox 4 Goes Final
by Adam Overa
Our AssessmentTom's Hardware offers the most comprehensive review of web browsers, though some of the versions are out of date. Editors test Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Opera 11, Chrome 10 and Firefox 3.6 against all the major performance benchmarks. The pages are loaded with technical information about speed and efficiency. Tom's Hardware picks a surprising winner in the race, Internet Explorer 9.
3. TopTenReviews.com
As of July 2011
2011 Internet Browser Software Review Product Comparisons
by Editors of TopTenReviews.com
Our AssessmentTopTenReviews.com looks at 10 different web browsers, ranks them and provides an easy-to-use comparison chart as well as more detailed reviews of each browser. Firefox 4 is the winner here, followed by Google's Chrome 10 and Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9.
4. Digitizor.com
June 21, 2011
Firefox 5 Benchmarked – Faster And Better Than Ever Before!
by "Ricky"
Our AssessmentDigitizor editors use several benchmark tests to compare Firefox 5's performance against Chrome and Opera. Two JavaScript benchmark tests yield very different results, essentially cancelling each other out. Chrome excels in most tests, though Firefox comes out on top in terms of memory usage.
5. Macworld
April 6, 2011
Mozilla Firefox 4
by Nathan Alderman
Our AssessmentThis detailed review of Firefox 4 includes colorful bar graphs that show how the browser performs compared to a previous version (Firefox 3.6.15) as well as Safari, Chrome and Opera. In the end, Nathan Alderman suggests trying Firefox 4, while acknowledging it is not the fastest browser out there.
6. USA Today Magazine
April 9, 2011
Review: Best Web Browser? Google's Chrome Outshines Pack
by Mark W. Smith
Our AssessmentMark W. Smith, a reporter for the Detroit Free Press, ranks Google's Chrome 10 the best of the current crop of browsers. Smith compares the speed of the each browser with the popular web benchmarking tools Peacemaker and SunSpider JavaScript.
7. TechNewsDaily.com
March 18, 2011
Best Internet Browsers in 2011
by Lamont Wood
Our AssessmentThis brief overview of the top web browsers picks Firefox 4 as the top choice, but provides sparse information and little head-to head-comparison with its competitors.
8. TechRadar.com
March 15, 2011
IE9 vs. Firefox 4 vs. Chrome 10
by Gary Marshall
Our AssessmentTechRadar picks Firefox 4 as the best browser, over IE9 and Chrome 10, after taking a solid look at how each of the three perform against web standards for speed, video support and comparing features like tabs, bookmarks and syncing.
9. PC World
March 10, 2011
Chrome 10 vs. Firefox 4: Open Source Browser Battle
by Keir Thomas
Our AssessmentAfter head-to-head benchmark testing, Keir Thomas gives a very slight edge to Firefox, while pointing out that differences between Chrome 10 and Firefox 4 are nearly indistinguishable.
10. CNET
As of July 2011
Browser Reviews
by Editors and Contributors to CNET
Our AssessmentCNET has editor and user rankings and reviews for a host of web browsers, add-ons and plug-ins. Six major browsers, including Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Chrome 10, Safari 5 and Opera 11, each get 4 (out of 5) stars from the editors, but mixed reviews from users.
April 27, 2011
Is Internet Explorer 9 Now the Safest Web Browser?
by Matt Liebowitz
Our AssessmentWith security being a major concern in the age of Cloud computing, this article examines how well Internet Explorer 9 and Google Chrome protect users from cyber criminals.
12. Infoworld.com
Aug. 11, 2010
The Best Web Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari?
by Peter Wayner
Our AssessmentThis is a very detailed report with strong technical information about each browser, including some remarks about how the browsers perform against web benchmarks. Each browser gets its own review page with recommendation for which types of users should and should not consider using it. However, at the time of this report Chrome was only at version 5 (it's now at version 12) and Firefox 4 (now at version 5) was still in beta.
13. Forbes
Not Dated
Web Browsers
by Matt Rand
Our AssessmentThe popular money magazine provides a quick review of eight browsers and identifies the best and worst of features of each. While a good resource for quick evaluation, Forbes.com does not name a favorite, nor does it use benchmark tests.
14. About.com
Not Dated
Best Mobile (Non-iPad or iPhone) Browser 2011
by Scott Orgera
Our AssessmentUC Browser wins the About.com 2011 reader's poll as the best mobile web browser for non-Apple devices. There is a description of the browser, but no critique in this article. (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
15. About.com
Not Dated
The 2011 Readers' Choice Awards Winners: Web Browsers
by Scott Orgera
Our AssessmentIn 2010, About.com readers chose Chrome 10 as their top browser. Readers also pick the best mobile browser (Opera Mini), best add-on (Adblock plus), best security add-on (NoScript), best independent browser (K-Meleon), best theme (NFL's Indianapolis Colts-Official Football Boom) and best user script (YouTube HD Ultimate). (Note: ConsumerSearch is owned by About.com, but the two don't share an editorial affiliation.)
16. Macworld
Feb. 2, 2011
Opera Software Opera 11 for Mac
by Nathan Alderman
Our AssessmentThis single-product of review of Opera 11 for Mac tests the browser against web benchmarks and compares its performance with competitors, using the same standards. Pros and cons are listed at the beginning, including the browser's incompatibility with Netflix Watch Instantly.
17. PCPro.co.uk
As of May 2011
Latest Web Browsers Reviews
by Editors of PCPro.co.uk
Our AssessmentThis U.K. tech site has ratings and reviews of 11 browsers, but lacks good comparisons. Its reviews are up to date, though, and include many lesser-known browsers.
18. PC World
April 20, 2011
RockMelt Browser Bringing Social Networking Act to iPhone
by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal
Our AssessmentThe RockMelt browser, which is now available as an iPhone app, gets high marks from this reviewer for its social networking compatibility.
19. Technolicious.com
April 15, 2011
Opera - The Best Web Browser for Slow Internet Connections
by Jaimin Rajani
Our AssessmentIn a very brief analysis, Jaimin Rajani explains why Opera 11, via Opera Turbo mode, is the best browser for people with older computers or those using slower connections. An accompanying graphic shows how Opera Turbo compresses web pages, decreasing page-load times.
20. TechRadar.com
June 8, 2010
Hands On: Safari 5 Review
by Gary Marshall
Our AssessmentIn this single-product review posted just after Safari 5's release, Gary Marshall describes new features and tests the product against web standards. While he says Safari users will find it a worthwhile update, he says it's "hardly essential" for Firefox or Chrome users.
21. Computerworld.com
June 12, 2010
Safari 5 in Depth: Has it Sped Past Chrome?
by Preston Gralla
Our AssessmentIn head-to-head testing against Chrome using the SunSpider JavaScript benchmarking test, Safari 5 outpaces Chrome when run on Macs and comes a close second on PCs. The article includes bar graph comparisons.
22. Slate.com
Feb. 4, 2010
The Best Web Browser on the Planet: Why Google Chrome Beats Firefox and Internet Explorer
by Farhad Manjoo
Our AssessmentWhile a bit dated because new versions have been released since its posting, this review does a good job explaining the features that have helped Chrome with its meteoric rise in the web browser arena.
23. Care4Tech.com
April 24, 2011
Compare Best Mobile Browser Opera Vs. UC Web Vs. Sky fire
by "Thangaraju"
Our AssessmentThis review briefly profiles the three mobile browsers Opera Mini, UC Web and Skyfire without picking a favorite.
24. PCMag.com
June 3, 2011
Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 (for Android)
by William Fenton
Our AssessmentPCMag has reviews for several mobile browsers for Android phones, including Opera Mobile. The editor's pick for best mobile browser is Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 for Android.
25. KnowYourMobile.com
March 9, 2010
Firefox Mobile Review
by Richard Goodwin
Our AssessmentThis standalone review is generally positive about Firefox Mobile, particular because it gives the user a similar experience to PC browsing. However, the review notes problems with syncing and video playback.
26. CNET TV Prizefight
Feb. 28, 2009
What is the Best Web Browser?
by Editors of CNET
Our AssessmentThis lively review is a bit dated as new versions of the most of the browsers have appeared since it was posted. Though Firefox comes out on top, the review points out how quickly Google Chrome has caught up to its competition.
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