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June 2011
by ConsumerSearch
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Social networking browser

  • Integrates social networking updates
  • Available for iPhone
  • Not really a necessity for most users
  • As a social networking-oriented browser, RockMelt replaces Flock 2, which is no longer being supported by its maker.

Social networking has changed the way many people use their computers. Keeping track of friends on Facebook, describing daily activities on Twitter and sharing pictures through Flickr account for a great deal of time spent online. Some browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, have apps to help users manage their accounts, but RockMelt, a newcomer, offers complete integration of your social networks within the browser. Users can set up their RockMelt browser to give them immediate and ongoing access to their social network accounts, no matter what other tasks they are performing online, saving the time required to toggle between multiple tabs or windows. Users must have a Facebook account and have to allow the browser access to their information. RockMelt is also available as a mobile app for iPhone.

There are several good reviews of RockMelt. CNET's Rafe Needleman praises RockMelt for its Chrome-like speed, but says the browser is definitely in need of some improvement. Michael Muchmore at points out that browsers like Firefox can just as easily accommodate avid social network fans.'s review says that RockMelt, which is built on the Chrome platform, is just spiced-up version of that browser. PC World looks at the iPhone app.

Our Sources


In this generally positive review, Jason Yormack praises RockMelt for its Chrome-based features, but says that most users don't need a specialized social networking browser.

Review: RockMelt Review: Social Media Web Browser, Jason Yormack, April 12, 2011


PCMag looked at an early version of the RockMelt browser. While Michael Muchmore gives some merit to the idea of integrating social networking and browsing, he points out that major browsers can be customized to do the same task.

Review: RockMelt Beta, Michael Muchmore, Nov. 8, 2010


This review, published not long after RockMelt's release, concludes that RockMelt might be worth trying for its social networking features and its handling of RSS feeds.

Review:, Rafe Needleman, Nov. 10, 2010

4. Information Week

Like other reviewers, Jim Rapoza says that RockMelt might work for people who spend loads of time on Facebook, but most users won't need it.

Review: Review: RockMelt Browser Enhances Social Web Experience, Jim Rapoza, May 7, 2011


TechCrunch offers a detailed walkthrough of RockMelt. Erick Schonfeld gives RockMelt a positive review for its social network integration and fast search.

Review: RockMelt: A Browser Built for Sharing (First Hands On and 500 Exclusive Invites), Erick Schonfeld, Nov. 7, 2010

6. PC World

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal gives the RockMelt iPhone app credit for putting so much functionality into one app, though she also says that she prefers keeping her social network activities separate from other functions.

Review: RockMelt Browser Bringing Social Networking Act to iPhone, Sarah Jacobsson Purewal, April 20, 2011

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