Dedicated Hosting

Updated April 30, 2013

A web server exclusively yours means a high level of security

Dedicated web hosting is the way to go when your resource needs outpace your shared or virtual web hosting resources. Editors at recommend that you consider this option if the traffic moving through the shared server is slowing down your site's load time and responsiveness, or if your current web host can no longer provide the reliability or security that your website needs. If your business has grown and you seem to be continually revamping your web presence, then it's time to consider having your own web server that you can structure and control as you wish. This allows you to decide exactly what is housed on the server and, particularly, how the security is arranged. Dedicated web hosting is often used by companies that have critical e-commerce websites, or sites that generate a huge amount of traffic.

In dedicated web hosting, you lease an entire physical web server from the service provider and have exclusive use of it. The web server still resides at the web service provider's location, and you can choose how much involvement you want in running and maintaining the hardware and software. In managed dedicated web hosting, the service provider looks after all aspects of hosting your website. This option is attractive to businesses and individuals who do not have access to the technical expertise this task requires. In an unmanaged arrangement, the website owner is responsible for all aspects of running the system, but hosting fees are lower.