E-Commerce Web Hosting

Updated April 30, 2013

Secure financial transactions and inventory-tracking

Those who are setting up online stores must consider e-commerce web hosting. E-commerce hosts can be shared, VPS or dedicated web services, but with added security features for financial transactions and shopping-related features for retail.

Some e-commerce web services provide an integrated shopping cart, while others let you plug in shopping carts and services from third-party vendors. This feature allows you to organize your retail stock, assign inventory levels and display detailed product descriptions. If you plan on selling digital goods, then look for an e-commerce plan that will manage download security. In addition, all e-commerce web hosting packages should allow integration with popular merchant payment services, such as Paypal.

Customers expect all e-commerce sites to provide a high level of security for their transactions. Your e-commerce web host may allow your website to use its SSL security certificates and keep them up to date. Be sure to choose an e-commerce web host that can grow with your store. Some e-commerce providers offer different levels of service, depending on how many products you plan to sell and how busy your website is.