Fein Turbo II 9-20-25 (9-55-13 old model)

*Est. $300
March 2012
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Fein Turbo II 9-20-25

  • Very quiet
  • Durable
  • Three-year warranty
  • Compact
  • HEPA-filter compatible
  • Messy filter cleaning
  • No blower
  • No onboard hose or tool storage
  • 1.25-inch hose is too small for general shop cleanup
  • Some plastic parts can break
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Reviews have long praised Fein tool-triggered shop vacuums for outstanding quietness and durability (with three-year warranties). The 9-gallon Fein Turbo II 9-20-25 replaced the now-discontinued 9-55-13 model, which also wore the Turbo II moniker. It is one of the quietest wet dry vacs on the market. The 9-20-25 model has six wheels instead of four for more stability in transit. Additional improvements include a drain for wet vacuuming and adjustable suction for collecting dust from small power tools. Of the three Fein Turbo models, the Turbo II remains the most popular. It can collect dust from sanders and power tools up to 19 amps, though its small-diameter hose makes it less useful for general shop cleanup. For general cleanup only, the 14-gallon Ridgid WD1450 (*Est. $135) offers a more affordable alternative.

Because Fein wet dry vacs are designed to collect dust from small woodworking power tools, it's not surprising that the best reviews of the Fein Turbo II are in woodworking magazines and on related websites. Major retailer Rockler.com compares the revamped Fein Turbo wet dry vacs with their closest competitor, Festool. We found the best comparison tests of the older Fein Turbo shop vacuums at Fine Homebuilding magazine, where five tool-triggered shop vacuums are tested at a remodeling job. Readers of Fine Homebuilding and Fine Woodworking magazines rank the Fein Turbo II along with five other pro-grade shop vacuums in Taunton's 2009 tool guide. The older Fein Turbo II is also included in an earlier comparison review at Tools of the Trade and is one of the most-reviewed models at Amazon.com.

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Our Sources

1. Rockler.com

This review by a major retailer compares the revamped Fein Turbo II 9-20-25 with the Festool CT 22E, concluding that both brands are extremely quiet and provide superior dust collection. Now that the latest Fein shop vacuums offer adjustable suction, the Festool CT 22E has lost some of its edge -- and the newer 9-gallon Fein Turbo II 9-20-25 is definitely better than the older, discontinued Fein Turbo II 9-55-13.

Review: The Best in Shop Vacs -- Fein vs. Festool, Rockler Blog Team, Feb. 6, 2009

2. Taunton 2009 Tool Guide

Based on tests done at Fine Homebuilding in 2007, this review of five tool-triggered wet dry vacs names the Fein Turbo II 9-55-13, which has been replaced by the improved Turbo II 9-20-25, as the best value. It's a notch behind the top-ranked Festool Cleantec (CT) 33. A 2008 survey of readers supports this ranking.

Review: Tool-Triggered Shop Vacs, Rob Wotzak and Taunton Press Editors, Nov. 2008

3. Fine Homebuilding

The older Fein Turbo II is selected as the best value in this tool-triggered shop vacuum roundup. The review tests the Turbo II and four other wet dry shop vacuums at an actual jobsite. The Fein Turbo II scores high for its low noise level and above average for power, filtration/dust collection, emptying ease and overall design.

Review: Tool-Triggered Shop Vacs, Rob Wotzak, June/July 2007

4. Wood Magazine

This review compares the older version of the larger 15-gallon Fein Turbo III with three other tool-triggered shop vacuums, giving first place to the Festool CT 22E. However, the Fein hose is easier to attach to tools for dust collection. That key observation also applies to the Turbo II.

Review: Wise Buys: Tool-Triggered Vacuums, Editors of Wood magazine, May 2008

5. Journal of Light Construction

Professional remodeling contractor David Grubb tests the Fein Turbo II along with six other tool-activated shop vacuum. He finds the Fein wet dry vac generally well made, but he notices some plastic elements that are brittle enough to break easily. Also, the Fein's filter is hard to clean, he says, and the Turbo II shop vacuum is top-heavy when empty.

Review: Tool Test: Tool-Activated Vacuums, David Grubb, Dec. 2004

6. Tools of the Trade

After putting nine pro-grade shop vacuum through a set of workshop tests, Chris Kulczycki recommends the Fein 9-55-13 Turbo II for small jobs or as a good portable shop vacuum. But it doesn't get top ranking here, because it lacks a drain, blower and tool caddy. The newer model has a drain.

Review: Wet/Dry Vacuums, Chris Kulczycki, April 1, 2004

7. Amazon.com

More than 20 users rate the newest Fein Turbo II, the 9-gallon 9-20-25 model, at Amazon.com, giving it an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of a possible 5. Most owners praise the Fein Turbo II for its quiet performance and compatibility with woodworking tools, though a couple say Fein is skimpy on included accessories. They say you should be prepared to spend at least $100 more to properly accessorize it.

Review: Fein 9-20-25 Turbo-II 9-Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum with Auto-Start, Contributors to Amazon.com

8. SawmillCreek.org

In this discussion of shop vacuums at a woodworking forum, readers compare the older Fein Turbo II, which has been improved and is sold under the model number 9-20-25, and Festool CT 22E shop vacuum. The consensus is that the Fein shop vacuum is sturdier and better for general cleanup, but the HEPA filters are an expensive upgrade; the Festool comes with HEPA filters.

Review: Fein vs. Festool, Contributors to SawmillCreek.org, Dec. 2007

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