Oster Electric Wine Opener 4207

Est. $20
August 2013
by ConsumerSearch
Oster Inspire Cordless Wine Opener

Best electric wine opener

  • Easy to use
  • Performs consistently
  • Holds a charge well
  • May be too big for some

Bottom line

If you're looking for an affordable electric wine opener, reviewers highly recommend the Oster 4207. Many say it opens wine bottles quickly and easily, and is very well priced at about $20. Some also applaud how well it holds a charge. We found very few performance complaints and only one user who says the opener is too large; it seems that most owners are just happy to end the wine cork battle.


Extremely reliable. The Oster Electric Wine Opener 4207 scores well in two comparative tests of electric corkscrews, and also earns high marks from users who post comments at retail websites. One owner says the 4207 consistently removes all types of corkscrews, even plastic ones; another found that it needed to be recharged only three times in the course of opening more than 100 bottles. Several call the Oster 4207 a good value and many say it's durable. There are only scattered reports of problems, with a couple of users saying the unit stopped working and one who complains that corks aren't completely extracted.

Ease of use

Couldn't be easier. In both professional and owner reviews, the Oster 4207 is praised for how simple it is to operate. About.com wine guide Stacy Slinkard says it extracts both real and synthetic corks "without a struggle." One user notes, "all you have to do is push a button, enough said!" and another posts, "so easy, anyone can use." Several suggest the 4207 for those with hand or wrist problems. On the downside, one reviewer complains that you must grip the bottle so it doesn't turn while using the Oster 4207, and another finds it too big.

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