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Wine Openers: Ratings of Sources

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Nov. 5, 2014
The Best Corkscrew for Opening Wine
by Nick Guy
Our AssessmentNick Guy spoke to wine servers and sommeliers before narrowing his list of wine openers for hands-on testing. He names a top pick, runner-up and best electric wine opener. Testers evaluate each wine opener for performance, ease of use and durability. The resulting reviews are detailed, even-handed and comparative.
As of January 2016
Corkscrews & Openers
by Contributors to
Our is one of the best resources for real-world reviews of wine openers. Reviews are often quite detailed and even-handed, and some note durability concerns that are often overlooked in other reviews. Prospective buyers should read carefully, since reviewers sometimes wrongly fault a product for bad experiences with the seller or shipping. Readers should also beware of older reviews, which might discuss an older version of a product with flaws that have been addressed.
Dec. 20, 2012
Which is the Best Corkscrew?
by Maggie Hoffman
Our AssessmentHoffman tests out six popular models and styles of wine openers, comparing them and detailing the pros and cons of each. Each review details ease of use, aesthetics, performance and value. Though she doesn't pick a winner, she notes who should buy each kind of wine opener, and who should steer clear, based on several lifestyle considerations.
4. Cook's Illustrated
March 2014
Wine Openers (Waiter's Corkscrews)
by Editors of
Our AssessmentCook's Illustrated editors rate five waiter's corkscrews from $13 to more than $200 by opening a staggering 15 cases of wine. They give each corkscrew one, two, or three stars for ease of use and performance. Two are recommended, two are recommended with reservations, and one is not recommended.
Sept. 2, 2013
What's the Best Wine Opener for You?
by Madeline Puckette
Our AssessmentThough she doesn't comment on any specific models, Puckette's buying guide details the advantages and disadvantages of each major kind of wine opener: waiter-style corkscrews, winged corkscrews, lever-style openers, table-top openers, electric models, twist-and-pull corkscrews, ah-so openers and air-pump corkscrews. She recommends each type depending on certain lifestyle factors.
As of January 2016
Wine Accessories
by Contributors to
Our sells a wide range of wine bottle openers, both higher-end and budget. Reviewers rate products on a five-star scale overall. They also give specific ratings for value and quality, and indicate whether they would recommend each product to a friend. Reviews aren't as comprehensive as those on Amazon, however.
7. Wine Enthusiast
As of January 2016
Wine Openers
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentThe online arm of Wine Enthusiast catalog, includes a good collection of reviews for a wide range of popular wine openers. Reviewers rate each product on a one- to five-star scale, and there is a spot for questions and answers. Reviews seem honest, but they aren't as detailed as those typically found on
8. WiseBread
Dec. 19, 2013
The 5 Best Wine Openers
by Gina Ippolito
Our AssessmentIppolito picks five popular wine openers for this roundup, detailing how to use each one, pros and cons, and owners' reviews. The reviews are even-handed, but it doesn't appear that any first-hand testing was performed.

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