Best wine aerator

  • Improves the flavor of wine
  • Attractive design
  • Saves time versus a decanter
  • Wine must be poured at optimum speed
  • Wine can leak from air holes, making a mess
  • Some users don't taste a difference
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Bottom line

Reviewers who call themselves ordinary wine drinkers report that the Vinturi aerator vastly improves the taste of wine; several say it makes even cheap wine more flavorful. You don't need an aerator to savor a glass of wine, however, and some users insist there's no difference between wine that's poured through the Vinturi and wine that isn't. Many disagree and say $30 is a small price to pay for such a huge boost in wine enjoyment.


Dramatic taste improvement. wine expert Stacy Slinkard says the Vinturi Wine Aerator gets "the job done," and users generally agree that it makes a big difference in how wine tastes. One says the difference is "amazing," and another reports that the aerator "works exceptionally well." Yet another owner says, "right away you can taste all the fruit in the wine," and several add that wine poured through the Vinturi tastes as though it has been decanted for an hour or more. However, some users simply don't perceive a vast improvement in taste.

Ease of use

Can be messy. Many reviewers call the Vinturi Wine Aerator quick and simple to use, with one saying it satisfies people's urge for instant gratification. Several find that the aerator produces the same improvement in taste as decanting does but doesn't take hours the way decanting can. However, some users complain that if you pour wine through the aerator too quickly, it can spill out of the air holes and make a mess, but if you pour too slowly the wine won't aerate properly. In the words of one reviewer, finding the optimum pouring rate "takes careful attention."

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The Vinturi Wine Aerator earns an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 from more than 1,050 users here. Most say it improves and brings out the flavor in wine, although others report no taste difference, and some complain that the aerator leaks and creates a mess.

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The Vinturi Wine Aerator earns the top spot on's list of the top 10 wine accessories, with Slinkard calling it "the most efficient tool to get the job done right." She has extensive experience in the wine industry, but doesn't discuss how or whether she compared this model to others.

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The Vinturi Wine Aerator earns an average 5 stars out of 5 based on nearly 25 user ratings at Most say it dramatically improves wine's flavor, although one owner finds it overpriced and prefers wine "that has been allowed to breathe."

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