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Anco 30 Winter Wiper Blade

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February 2012
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Anco 30 Winter Wiper Blade

  • Rubber boot resists clogging with snow and ice
  • Heavier steel frame withstands snow and ice better
  • Durable rubber blade
  • More expensive
  • Bulkier than other wiper types
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Auto experts frequently discuss how well wiper blades work in the rain, but it's their performance in winter that really puts them to the test. Traditional wiper blades with an external frame often fail miserably in winter storms: Snow and ice build up in the frame, causing the blade to lose contact with the glass and wipe the windshield unevenly.

One user sums up his experience with traditional wipers, saying, "When it's really coming down, I'd be driving with my arm out the window trying to flip my wiper blade to knock [off] built-up snow and ice." Winter wiper blades address this problem by beefing up the standard steel frame, adding a stiffer rubber blade and, most important, encasing the frame in a rubber boot.

One of the highest-rated winter wiper blades is the Anco 30. "With these winter blades I get to keep my window closed and drive with both hands," comments the aforementioned customer. Another owner says: "I've tried different types of blades including the new 'beam' blade, but I've come back to the Anco Winter blades. Great-performing and about the best I've had for snowy driving conditions."

The Anco 30's low price is a bonus. One poster says, "While I can spend a lot more money for blades, they only last a year. For this reason I find these blades to [be] a great value, costing substantially less than other brands." A few users notice that the wipers occasionally lift at highway speeds, although one owner comments, "If I'm running my truck 70 mph in the rain with wipers going, I'm probably driving faster than I should."

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ANCO 30-18 Winter Wiper Blade - 18", (Pack of 1)

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"I would recommend them to anyone who has to drive in adverse cold-weather conditions," says one Anco Winter blade owner. A rubber boot encases the wiper's heavy-duty frame, and users say it does a good job of preventing icy buildup in snowy weather.

Review: Anco 30-18 Premium Winter Wiper Blade - 18", Contributors to, As of Feb. 2012

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