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Anco 31

Est. $6
February 2014
by ConsumerSearch
Anco 31

  • Inexpensive
  • Good performance and durability in tests
  • No warranty
  • Mixed reviews from owners
  • Bulky metal frame
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Bottom line

One of the cheapest wiper blades you can buy, the Anco 31 wipes just as well -- and lasts just as long -- as pricey brands in a leading test. Owners get mixed results, though.


Wipes well in a test -- but gets mixed marks from real-life owners. In one expert test, the ultra-cheap Anco 31 does an outstanding job cleaning the windshield when new. Even after six months of real-world driving, the Anco 31 still delivers a good wipe -- just like expensive windshield wipers. However, owner reviews aren't as rosy. More than 600 users review the Anco 31 at; most are perfectly happy, but about one in four owners are very disappointed. Some say they smear or streak instead of wiping cleanly. Others say the Anco 31 didn't fit their vehicle.

Dependability and warranty

No warranty. In lab tests, the Anco 31 does a good job even after six months of real-world use -- just like most other wiper blades on the market. That's pretty accurate, say many of the 600 owners who review Anco 31 wiper blades at Generally, owners say they get six to 10 months out of these windshield wipers. Most say the Anco 31s wipe perfectly well during that time, and at this price they're happy to replace them a couple of times a year. But some say the Anco 31 wiper blades broke within a few months. Unlike Valeo (which has a six-month warranty), Anco wipers don't have a warranty -- they are guaranteed only to fit and function when new.


Valeo wipers are a better bargain. At just $6 apiece, Anco 31 wiper blades are recommended as a Best Buy by one expert source. However, for a little extra money, the Valeo 600 (Est. $13) is the best-performing wiper in the test, and owners say it lasts longer (it carries a six-month warranty, too, unlike the Anco). Although it costs more than the Anco initially, the Valeo 600 still costs less than most wiper blades, making the Valeo 600 the better buy.

Valeo 60022 Series Wiper Blade, 22" (Pack of 1)
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ANCO 31-Series 31-22 Wiper Blade - 22", (Pack of 1)

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The Anco 31 is one of 13 windshield wiper models tested here. installs the wiper blades on the vehicles of 185 staffers, judging the blades' performance when new and again after six months of wear. Subscribers also post their own feedback on the wiper blades here.

Review: Wiper Blade Ratings, Editors of, April 2013


Anco 31 wiper blades get mixed marks from more than 600 owners here. About two-thirds are pleased with the blades, but plenty say they streak, smear and wear out fast. 

Review: Anco 31-Series 31-22 Wiper Blade - 22" (Pack of 1), Contributors to, As of February 2014

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