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Bosch Icon

Est. $23
February 2014
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Bosch Icon

Low-profile wiper blades

  • Rave reviews from most owners
  • Good performance and durability in tests
  • Won't clog in snow and ice
  • No warranty
  • Leaves streaks for some owners
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Bottom line

Real-life owners' very favorite wiper blade, the Bosch Icon proves its worth in expert tests, too. This sleek beam-style blade costs more than regular windshield wipers, but loyal users say it's worth it -- especially in the snow.


Sleek and effective. In expert tests, the Bosch Icon does an outstanding job cleaning the windshield -- just like lots of cheaper wiper blades. But in day-to-day use, owners say the Bosch really shines. "They hold the shape of the windshield well, and never flap or vibrate, no matter how fast you're going," one happy owner writes. "They don't streak or chatter." Most others agree: The Bosch Icon is the top-rated windshield wiper at

The Bosch Icon isn't perfect. It fits some vehicles better than others, and some owners do report streaks. However, it gets more consistently good owner reviews than any other windshield wiper. It's particularly terrific in the snow, says Chris Longhurst at, because its sleek, beam-style design sheds ice and won't get clogged up like clunkier, traditional wipers.

Dependability and warranty

No warranty, but some owners find them incredibly long-wearing. Bosch wiper blades carry no warranty. They last a good six months in tests -- about what you can expect from any wiper blade, experts say -- but owners say it's not uncommon for Bosch Icons to soldier on and on. "I've had these on my car for a little over a year and a half ... Only now are they starting to show signs of aging," writes one customer. Another says: "I've had this on my Saturn now for over a year. It's still going strong!" In fact, some owners have gotten three years or more out of a set of Bosch Icons -- through everything from scorching desert summers to northern blizzards -- but one year is more common.


Most owners would (and do) buy them again. Yes, Bosch Icons cost more than some windshield wipers -- but they also last longer for a lot of owners. "They are the only expensive wiper blades I've ever used that actually lasted longer than the cheap ones," writes one satisfied customer at "Before these, I had wipers from Rain-X (two different kinds) and while they cost about 75% as much, they lasted 30% of the time. You do the math."

A cheaper version, the Bosch Clear Advantage (Est. $12), gets rave reviews from hundreds of owners at -- but it also gets more 1-star ratings than the Bosch Icon. The Clear Advantage has a less sophisticated inner frame and rubber compound than the Icon, and some owners say it streaks or breaks more readily.

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Bosch 22A ICON Wiper Blade - 22" (Pack of 1)

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