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Aug. 19, 2015
The Best Wireless Headphones of 2015
by Will Greenwald and Jamie Lendino
Our editors regularly conduct detailed hands-on tests of wireless headphones, naming their favorites in this handy chart. A quick glance through the latest reviews turns up a couple more models that have won Editors' Choice award since this chart was published. Top picks range from $50 to $500, so there's something for every budget.
Not Dated
by Editors of
Our conducts thorough tests of headphones, rating sound quality, sensitivity and noise reduction. Its current headphone ratings include wireless models that span the price spectrum from $30 to $400. Editors classify wireless headphones as either portable or home/studio style. More than a third of the wireless headphones covered in the report are judged worthy of a recommendation, and several are singled out as Best Buys.
Nov.25, 2015
Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones of 2015
by David Carnoy
Our AssessmentCNET editors pick their favorite Bluetooth wireless headphones, from $400 luxury models to more affordable $100 headphones. On a separate list (Best Headphones of 2015), they also name the best wireless headphones for TV watching. Reviews are fairly detailed, covering design, comfort and performance.
4. What Hi-Fi?
Aug. 26, 2015
Best Wireless Headphones 2015
by Editors of What Hi-Fi?
Our AssessmentThis British magazine reviews more wireless headphones than many other publications, and many of the models they test are available in the U.S. Reviews are hands-on, covering features, design and sound performance. In some cases, testers even go so far as to take headphones apart to show images of their components. Each review also includes a quick summary of pros and cons.
Nov. 2, 2015
The Best Bluetooth On- or Over-Ear Headphones
by Lauren Dragan
Our uses a multi-step process to select its top picks for Bluetooth headphones and wireless home theater headphones. First, editors comb through professional and user reviews to find top-rated headphones. Then they select the 55 likeliest candidates and subject them to hands-on testing, evaluating performance, comfort and design. The last pair standing earns their "Our Pick" award, with runners-up in other categories (luxury, budget, etc.). Lauren Dragan helpfully explains why the losers lost, too.
As of November 2015
Headphone Reviews
by Editors of
Our reviews a plethora of wireless headphones, testing features, comfort and battery life, as well as sound quality with phone calls and various types of music. Each model gets a star rating. Editors pick one Editors' Choice, while several others earn a Recommended tag.
Aug. 21, 2015
10 Best Wireless Headphones Available Today
by Cameron Faulkner
Our editors regularly test wireless headphones, listing the top 10 winners here. Reviews are thorough and test-based, covering performance, features and design in an easy-to-read way, complete with a list of pros and cons and a star rating.
Nov. 23, 2015
Best Headphones 2015
by Sherri L. Smith
Our AssessmentAfter rigorously testing lots of headphones (including wireless ones), editors pick the very best. Each pair is worn over the course of a week for two hours at a time, to judge comfort, audio quality (over a variety of genres), call handling, features, battery life, noise canceling, Bluetooth range and more. Each gets a star rating, and the best earn an Editors' Choice award.
July 13, 2015
The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets
by Rick Burgess
Our AssessmentIn this richly detailed review, Rick Burgess tests six popular wireless gaming headsets -- with the goal of replacing his own dying set. He thoroughly evaluates each headset's comfort, sound, wireless performance, microphone, features, value, battery life and overall quality, culminating in a numeric score for each headset and one top pick.
10. PC Gamer
April 28, 2015
The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets
by Phil Iwaniuk
Our AssessmentPC Gamer tests 12 wireless gaming headsets, evaluating each one's sound quality, build quality, reliability, battery life charge time, range and latency. Although the write-ups aren't as detailed as's, Phil Iwaniuk does a good job explaining the pros and cons of the winners, as well as the losers.
Aug. 25, 2015
The Best Gaming Headsets of 2015
by Will Greenwald
Our puts wireless gaming headsets through its detailed review process, naming the top 10 picks. Four are wireless models, ranging from $80 to $300.
March 13, 2015
The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Every Discerning Ear
by Adam Clark Estes
Our AssessmentAdam Clark Estes tries 13 wireless headphones in real-world situations, looking for stylish design and great sound quality. He names four "The Best," and explains briefly why each of the others lost. Winners get a two or three-paragraph write-up that covers all of the bases, plus photos of the author wearing them.
As of November 2015
Headphones Reviews
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThis British site is a wealth of excellent, up-to-date headphone reviews. Editors test comfort, features, design, wireless performance and sound quality, scoring each model on a scale of one to 10 (scores are visible on the landing page, so it's easy to find the best headphones). The best models get a "Recommended" tag. Reviews are easy to read and illustrated with plenty of photos.
14. PC World (Australia)
As of November 2015
Headphones: Reviews
by Editors of PC World (Australia)
Our AssessmentPC World (Australia) reviews plenty of wireless headphones, many of which are also available in the U.S. Evaluations are based on hands-on testing and cover design and functionality as well as performance. Each write-up includes a list of pros and cons and a numerical rating. Ratings are listed on the landing page, so it's easy to find the best models. Only one current (expensive) model earns an Editors' Choice, but several cheaper ones get high marks, too.
March 29, 2015
Five Best Headsets with Attached Microphones
by Alan Henry
Our AssessmentReaders nominated these headsets with mics (mostly gaming-oriented ones) as their favorites. Two wireless models make the list. Each gets a short but fairly detailed write-up, explaining what readers like about the headset. There's no mention of any testing by editors, though.
As of November 2015
Wireless Headphones
by Contributors to
Our reviews are most useful when you've already narrowed your choice. User comments can be subjective and sometimes aren't very relevant to performance, but many headphones get lots of feedback, making it easy to spot general trends. These reviews are especially good for learning about comfort and long-term problems. Some popular wireless headphones attract hundreds or even thousands of posts, and a few of these maintain a 4.5-star or better rating.
As of November 2015
Wireless Headphones
by Contributors to
Our sells fewer wireless headphones than, but many popular models gather feedback from hundreds and sometimes thousands of users. The bottom line assessment of whether or not a user would recommend the headphones to a friend is helpful.

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