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Wireless Headphones: Ratings of Sources

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As of April 2014
by Editors at
Our AssessmentIt's difficult to find reviews of wireless headphones at Sorting the full list of headphone reviews by selecting "wireless" yields only a dozen reviews and no recommendations. However, by searching for the word "wireless" in the list of headphones that have earned Editors' Choice awards, we found several models that earn top marks. Write-ups discuss hands-on testing and include detailed analysis, as well as a list of pros and cons for each product.
Not Dated
by Editors of
Our conducts thorough tests of headphones, rating sound quality, sensitivity and noise reduction. Its current headphone ratings include wireless models that span the price spectrum from $50 to $400. Editors classify wireless headphones as either portable or home/studio style. About a third of the wireless headphones covered in the report are judged worthy of a recommendation, and one is singled out as a Best Buy.
April 29, 2014
Best Headphones
by Justin Yu
Our AssessmentCNET editors test a variety of headphones, both wired and wireless. They list the top-performing products in several categories, including cheap headphones, high-end headphones and stereo Bluetooth headphones. There isn't a separate category for wireless headphones, but we found about 10 wireless models that earn recommendations in one category or another. Reviews are fairly detailed, covering design, comfort and performance.
4. What Hi-Fi?
As of April 2014
by Editors of What Hi-Fi?
Our AssessmentThis British magazine reviews more wireless headphones than many other publications, and many of the models they test are available in the U.S. Reviews are hands-on, covering features, design and sound performance. In some cases, testers even go so far as to take headphones apart to show images of their components. Each review also includes a quick summary of pros and cons.
As of April 2014
by Lauren Dragan
Our uses a multi-step process to select its top picks for Bluetooth headphones and wireless home theater headphones. First, they comb through professional and user reviews to find top-rated headphones. Then they select the likeliest candidates and subject them to hands-on testing, evaluating performance, comfort and design. The last pair standing earns their "The Best" award, and they also name a few runners up in each category.
Headphones: Reviews
by Editors of PC World (Australia)
Our AssessmentThe Good Gear Guide, a site run by PC World Australia, reviews many sets of headphones, but only a few wireless ones. We found only three pairs of wireless headphones that receive the site's Editor's Choice award. Evaluations are based on hands-on testing and cover design and functionality as well as performance. Each write-up includes a synopsis, a list of pros and cons, and a numerical rating.
7. Wired
As of April 2014
by Editors of Wired
Our AssessmentWired has reviewed a few sets of wireless headphones, but it's a bit difficult to find the reviews, as they're mixed into the overall headphone category. With a little digging, we managed to find five pairs of wireless headphones that earn ratings of at least 7 points out of 10 (which translates to "very good, but not quite great"). Evaluations are generally brief but meaty, and backed by hands-on testing.
Feb. 18, 2013
Best Gaming Headsets for Consoles, PCs and Mac
by William O'Neal
Our AssessmentThis roundup of the best gaming headsets covers seven models, including three wireless ones. Each headset gets a brief evaluation here, plus a link to a full review that's exhaustive in depth and detail. Editors test the headsets for gameplay and also for listening to a variety of music. They evaluate comfort and features as well, summing up their findings in a list of pros and cons.
Dec. 20, 2013
Best Gaming Headset
by Editors of
Our AssessmentThe editors of this gaming site present their picks for best gaming headsets in a slideshow format. Their choices are grouped by price: five each for budget, mid-range and premium. The list includes four wireless headsets, two mid-range and two premium. Write-ups are limited to a paragraph plus a list of features, and there's no specific information about how the headphones were tested.
Oct. 14, 2013
Best Gaming Headsets
by Alex Castle
Our AssessmentThis roundup covers six gaming headsets, including two wireless models. It's clear that the site's editors have tested each one personally, though they don't go into a lot of detail about their methods. Their write-ups are a few paragraphs each, focusing on sound quality and comfort. Each headset also receives a numerical rating from 1 to 10.
March 25, 2014
Best Headphones 2014
by Andrew Williams
Our AssessmentThis British tech site covers a wide range of headphones, including some wireless models. In this roundup, Andrew Williams lists some of the different types of headphones available, then examines 10 of the site's top-reviewed headsets. The brief write-ups here are linked to lavishly detailed, hands-on reviews, covering sound quality, design and comfort. However, the only wireless model Williams recommends is now discontinued.
As of April 2014
Wireless Headphones
by Contributors to
Our reviews are most useful when you've already narrowed your choice. User comments can be subjective and sometimes aren't very relevant to performance, but many headphones get lots of feedback, making it easy to spot general trends. These reviews are especially good for learning about comfort and long-term problems. Some older headphones attract hundreds and even thousands of posts.
As of April 2014
Wireless Headphones
by Contributors to
Our sells fewer wireless headphones than, and most attract less user feedback. However, we found a couple of models with strong feedback from 100 users or more. The bottom line assessment of whether or not a user would recommend the headphones to a friend is helpful.
As of April 2014
Wireless Headphones
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentOwner reviews here aren't as plentiful as at other online retailers, but we found a couple of wireless headphone sets with strong feedback from at least 50 users. Individual write-ups tend to be on the short side. In addition to an overall rating, each model receives separate ratings for build quality, comfort, noise reduction, sound quality and "coolness factor."
As of April 2014
Wireless & Bluetooth Headphones
by Contributors to
Our AssessmentMore than 150 wireless headphones are sold at this retail site, but most of them receive few or no reviews from users. We found a couple of inexpensive Sennheiser models with high overall ratings from 100 users or more, but both are discontinued. However, this site provides useful additional feedback about some of the top-rated wireless microphones, as contributors tend to be more tech savvy than those at general retail sites.

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