Asus RT-N56U
Bottom LineBottom Line

Considered "one of the friendliest routers to administer," the Asus RT-N56U is more widely reviewed in Europe than in the U.S. In general, it receives mixed ratings for performance but high scores for style and features. Reviewers recommend the RT-N56U as an alternative to routers from larger manufacturers.

Ease of Use

Well-designed interface. Both professional and user reviewers praise the RT-N56U's ease of setup and use, which Dong Ngo of CNET calls foolproof; another reviewer describes the interface as "clearly laid out." While Ngo says the entire configuration took less than three minutes to set up, Kate Bevan of The Guardian had difficulty configuring the RT-N56U for more advanced settings. She warns that inexperienced users can get into trouble if they attempt to move beyond the basic features. Along the same lines, Ngo says the web interface takes a long time to apply changes.

  • Simultaneous dual-band
  • Stellar 5 GHz performance
  • Ease of basic setup and use
  • Lacks advanced features
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