Securifi Almond Review

Securifi Almond

The Securifi Almond is the first wireless router available in the U.S. with a touch screen, so you don't need to use a computer to install it -- and it's in full-color. There are only a few professional reviews, but owners of the Almond router are enthusiastic about its ease of setup and use. However, experts point out that, touch screen aside, the Almond is a basic single band router suitable for light Internet use or as a range extender.

Ease of UseProsColor touch screen, Easy to installConsSingle band router, Short range

Securifi's customer service also earns rave reviews. One user reviewer reports "… the manufacturer has called me twice and emailed me once to ensure I am happy with the unit. It's like I bought the router at Nordstrom!!!!" In addition, a user posted a problem with the Almond on, and a representative of Securifi responded with a solution.


Reliable but short range. Expert reviews at and CNET both say the Securifi Almond is a stable and reliable router with decent throughput. One tester left the Almond running for three days, and it stayed cool the whole time. The router provides up to 300 Mbps of data transfer at 2.4 Ghz. However, the range of the Almond draws criticism from professional reviewers and users alike. The review states that the best range of the Almond is about 100 feet, and customers also reported that they needed a range extender for devices in more distant parts of their home.


Unusual color touch screen. The Securifi is unusual in its touch screen and interface, which makes it easy to install. The touch screen is 2.8 inches and has a 340 by 240 pixel display. At its core, however, the Securifi is an average single band router in an industry where most routers are now dual-band. It's compact, and its design is attractive, resembling a digital alarm clock rather than a box-like router. CNET's reviewer states: "The attractive interface and touch display is bound to draw tech neophytes looking for the latest, shiny gadget." However, with only 2 10/100 Ethernet LAN ports, wired access to the Internet is limited.

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Review Credibility: Excellent Dong Ngo gives the Securifi Almond 3 out of 5 stars. He says that although its touch screen is a convenient way to set up the router, its performance is average. Overall, he says that the price tag and the lack of features don't make up for the Almond's novelty.


Almond, Samara Lynn, As of January 2013

Review Credibility: Very Good In her review of the Securifi Almond, Samara Lynn says this is the first touch screen router, and it's extremely easy to set up. However, it's only single band and has no Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connection or USB port. She likes the gadget-feel of the Almond and gives it 3 out of 5 stars.


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Review Credibility: Good More than 100 customers at award the Securifi Almond an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with 90 percent of giving 4 or 5 stars. Many of the reviewers are enthusiastic about the Almond's ease of setup and use, even the reviewers awarding the lower marks.