Bowers & Wilkins Z2 Review

Updated February 28, 2014
Bowers & Wilkins Z2
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The Bowers & Wilkins Z2 is a smaller, less pricey alternative to the company's Zeppelin Air (Est. $600) . It's still not truly portable however, as it requires AC power and a Wi-Fi network. Though its sleek styling matches the Zeppelin Air's, reviewers generally aren't quite as impressed with its sound quality. It also has a few of the problems with streaming that plague the more expensive model.


Good but not outstanding. Reviewers are not as consistently enthusiastic about the Z2's sound performance as they are with the larger Zeppelin Air's. says the Z2 delivers "warm, rich, transparent sound," while Wired describes it as "natural, bright and full." Some reviewers, however, are less impressed. Digital Trends says the upper register is "stunning," but the bass is slightly inconsistent and the overall tone can be a bit bright; Engadget and other reviewers, by contrast, say the bass is too "boomy" and drowns out the treble. CNET describes the overall quality "good for its size, just not great" -- certainly not great enough to justify the $400 price tag.

ProsGood sound quality, Sleek design, Smaller and cheaper than Zeppelin AirConsSetup can be tricky, Some problems with streaming, Not truly portable

Ease of use

A few glitches. The Z2 comes with a remote, but reviewers find it awkward to use. Controlling the music through the phone itself works better, but streaming isn't always smooth. Michael Calore of Wired explains that AirPlay's performance varies based on factors like network signal strength and interference; while many users have no problems, he experienced a lot of dropouts and "stuttering" in the playback. Jamie Lendino of had a different problem: The Z2 chopped off the first half-second or so of every track during streaming. As for the setup process, CNET says it's "fairly straightforward," but some professional and user reviewers say it's tedious and confusing.


Futuristic design. One feature of the Z2 that reviewers uniformly like is its sleek, modern styling. Digital Trends calls it "elegant, minimalist design," and Wired says it "looks gorgeous, with soft-touch material around the top and bottom and a sleek metal grill in front." It's only about half as big and heavy as the Zeppelin Air: about a foot across and weighing 5.5 pounds. However, it's still not truly portable. Like the Zeppelin Air, it has no built-in battery, and it depends on a wireless or Ethernet network to function.

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