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Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P

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May 2014
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Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P

Best women's shaver

  • Lightweight
  • Great for underarms, bikini line
  • Doesn't cause nicks or razor burn
  • Relatively quiet
  • Charging problems
  • Not the absolute closest shave

Bottom line

If you struggle with razor burn, reviewers recommend the Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P shaver as an excellent alternative to disposable razors. It's quiet, easy to handle and gives great results for underarms and bikini lines. It doesn't get quite as close as a manual razor, but no electric shaver does. Wet/dry performance is a big plus, although most reviewers prefer to use it dry.


No razor burn here. "Close shave, no razor bumps = HAPPINESS," writes one woman posting to She nicely sums up the general opinion about the Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P: If you suffer from razor burn, this is the shaver for you. A handful of users taking blood thinners or undergoing chemotherapy treatments, who must avoid open wounds, love the safe shave this product delivers.

Women rave about the ES2207P's performance on the underarm and bikini line and say the pop-up bikini-line trimmer works very well. Complaints about occasional missed hairs are common when using to shave legs, though. "Not the closest shave, but is very good at getting the job done in one pass rather than shaving the same area repeatedly," writes one woman at

Ease of use

Take it anywhere. The Panasonic Close Curves ES2207P is fully immersible, which means you can use it on dry skin or even take it into the shower or bath with you. On the downside we found quite a few reports of battery problems -- shavers that stopped holding their charge after weeks or months, or sometimes wouldn't turn on at all. When the shaver does work, women rave about how long the battery lasts. Additionally, no replacement battery is offered, and cleaning the blades can be a bit difficult

A set of replacement blades and foils retails for about $11. Assuming twice-yearly replacements, you're looking at a yearly cost of $22.

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Our Sources

1. marks the Panasonic ES2207P as the No. 1 best-seller in its women's electric shavers' category. More than 1280 users agree, giving it a 4.2-out-of-5-stars average rating – one of the top in the women's shaver department.

Review: Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade "Close Curves" Wet/Dry Shaver, Contributors to, As of May 2014


More than 60 reviewers give the Panasonic ES2207P a 4-out-of-5-stars average rating at Some of the negative reviews have more to do with Target than the shaver itself.

Review: Panasonic Close Curves 3-Blade Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver, Contributors to, As of May 2014


About half a dozen reviewers rate the Panasonic ES2207P at, giving it a perfect score of five eggs. Most are men posting to relay their wife's or girlfriend's impression of this shaver; several say it works better when shaving dry than wet.

Review: Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver Women's Shaver, Contributors to, As of May 2014

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