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Women's Shaver Ratings

1. Women's razors: Blade inflation, Editors of, June 2011
The editors of asked 18 women to evaluate five different women's razors -- four name brand, multi-blade razors and one store-brand knockoff. Ultimately, no one razor stood out. It was all a matter of personal preference. In an accompanying video, the editors recommend doing your own testing (and consider the cost of the replacement heads) to find your favorite.
2. Good Housekeeping Best Razors, Editors of Good Housekeeping Research Institute, Updated July 2015
Good Housekeeping tests eight popular women's razors by sending them to 22 women across the United States. After using the razors three times, the women rate each one's performance, ease of use and overall satisfaction. Based on the results, Good Housekeeping names the best disposable and best refillable women's razor. This page also shows the 2011 winners, all of which are still on the market.
3. The Best Travel Gear for Your Next Journey, Editors of, Updated Sept. 14, 2016
Staffers test five top brands of disposable razors for shaving legs. They pick one winner, explaining what they didn't like about the others.
4. The Ultimate Guide to Drugstore Razors, Britt Aboutaleb, Feb. 5, 2014
Staffers at, a beauty website started by two former Elle editors, test "dozens of different razors." They name seven favorites, briefly explaining each one's strengths (and sometimes weaknesses). None of the losing razors are mentioned.
5. The Best Razors, Sarah Smith, Not Dated
The author doesn't disclose exactly how these razors were tested, but brief tester comments included in each review make it clear that they were, in fact, subjected to hands-on testing. There's no mention of any models that didn't make the cut, and we don't know how many models were tested. A few models marketed to men -- like the Gillette Mach3 Turbo -- are included.
6. The Best Razors for Women, Jenny Jin, Not Dated
In this roundup, the author picks top models in several categories, including "best investment" and "most innovative." She doesn't say how the razors were tested, but comments from the testers indicate that hands on testing was done. There's no mention of other models that were tested or if there were some razors that didn't perform well enough to be included.
7. Women's Shave and Hair Removal, Contributors to, As of November 2016
As usual, is an excellent source for user reviews. Standout women's razors and epilators receive at least a 4.3-out-of-5-star rating after 100 or more user reviews. The best bikini shaver earns 4.2 stars with more than 2,200 reviews posted. The best electric shaver blows its category away, with a score of 4.2 stars over more than 4,800 reviews.
8. Women's Hair Removal, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: carries an impressive selection of men's and women's shavers, razors and epilators, some with thousands of user reviews. Standout razors have at least 100 reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars or better. Bikini trimmers, electric shavers and epilators are less popular, but we found models averaging 4 stars or better over 100 or more reviews.
9. Shaving, Contributors to, As of November 2016
Credibility: is another rich source for user feedback -- some razors have amassed 10,000 reviews or more. Models are separated into manual, electric and epilator categories, and you can easily sort the results to find the top-rated picks.
10. Epilators Comparison, Denisa-Alexandra Cinca, As of November 2016
Denisa-Alexandra Cinca reviews epilators, singling out the best five on this page (best epilator, best cheap epilator, etc.). The reviews aren't highly critical, concentrating more on features than performance. In fact, it's not clear that Cinca has tested all of the epilators. Some of the epilators are rated on a five-star scale, while others aren't rated at all. Still, this site is helpful for comparing epilators' features, and figuring out which features are actually useful.
11. 11 Best Hair Removal Products and Creams, Hayley Mason, Not Dated
Credibility: allows registered members (free) to rate and review thousands of beauty products. Based on these reviews, editors highlight the 11 best hair-removal products, including two manual razors and an epilator.
12. 8 Best Razors for Women, Amanda Montell, Not dated
Here, editors name the best women's razors as rated by members. Each razor gets a one-page write-up showing its rating, price and a sampling of user comments. Gillette refillables and disposables are the favorites, along with a Schick refillable with a built-in bikini trimmer.