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Jade Encore Yoga Mat

*Est. $65
March 2011
by ConsumerSearch
Jade Encore Yoga Mat

  • Made from recycled natural rubber
  • Two lengths available
  • Good grip without slipperiness
  • Strong rubber smell
  • Disintegrates easily

The Jade Encore Yoga Mat is made from recycled natural rubber, which is even better for the environment than most eco-friendly yoga mats that use new rubber. The yoga mat gets high marks for its non-slip grip; the mat is made from open-cell rubber, so it absorbs sweat and water and keeps the mat from getting too slippery. On the other hand, open-cell yoga mats are harder to clean than closed-cell mats. The Jade Encore Yoga Mat comes in two lengths -- 68 or 74 inches -- and it is 3/16 inch thick. One reviewer complains that the mat has a strong rubber smell, but Jade says this smell will fade over time, especially if the mat is aired out on a regular basis. We also saw one report that the mat disintegrates easily. It's not made from recycled rubber, but the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat (*Est. $65) gets the best reviews overall, especially for its supportive, non-slip surface.

The Jade Encore Yoga Mat is included in a test at Granville Online, a Canadian news website. The author, a yoga teacher, tests several mats and recommends five eco-friendly picks. The Jade Encore Yoga Mat is also mentioned in a brief article at Yoga Journal. is the best source for user reviews.

Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat
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Our Sources

1. Granville Online

Granville Online names the Jade Encore Yoga Mat as a top eco-friendly pick. Insiya Rasiwala-Finn likes that the mat is made in the U.S., and she says the mat provides a solid non-slip grip. However, she cautions that it disintegrates easily.

Review: What's in a Yoga Mat?, Insiya Rasiwala-Finn, Oct. 29, 2009

2. Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal mentions the Jade Encore Yoga Mat in this brief article about PVC-free yoga mats. Cynthia Morris presents several good alternatives, although the mats aren't discussed in any depth.

Review: Mat Matters, Cynthia Morris, Not Dated


Only two people comment on the Jade Encore Yoga Mat so far at, and opinions are split. One user raves that the mat is "almost indestructible," but another reviewer says the mat is too smelly.

Review: Jade Yoga Mat (Encore), Contributors to

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