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Yoga Mats: Ratings of Sources

Total of 17 Sources
1. Women's Adventure magazine
Nov. 15, 2010
Winter 2011 Editor's Choice Awards -- Yoga
by Editors of Women's Adventure
Our AssessmentWomen's Adventure magazine publishes an annual list of its favorite gear and exercise equipment, including yoga mats. Five yoga mats are tested and rated on a five-point scale. Tester feedback is incorporated into each review. Overall, the Prana Revolution Natural Sticky Mat earns the Editor's Choice award and a 5-star rating. Other yoga mats from Manduka, Lululemon and Barefoot Yoga also earn positive reviews, although they miss out on the Editor's Choice award.
2. The Wall Street Journal
Feb. 19, 2009
Looking for a Soft Spot to 'Om'
by Anjali Athavaley
Our AssessmentWriter Anjali Athavaley reviews four environmentally friendly yoga mats ranging from $40 to $70. While it appears that each mat is evaluated, little testing information is shared and few downsides are detailed. All four are ultimately recommended, but one yoga mat has been discontinued.
3. Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog
March 29, 2009
The Best (and Worst) Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats
by "Eugene"
Our AssessmentWhile this blog post only represents one author's opinion, each of the yoga mats reviewed has been tested extensively. Unlike other yoga mat reviewers, the author of the Om Shanti: A Yoga Blog includes yoga mats that fall short of his expectations, such as the Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat and Prana Eco Sticky Mat. His favorite yoga mats include the Manduka Eko Mat and Barefoot Yoga Original Eco Yoga Mat. The author also has several detailed reviews of other yoga mats, including the Jade Harmony Professional mat and the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel.
4. BC Living
Oct. 29, 2009
What's in a Yoga Mat?
by Insiya Rasiwala-Finn
Our AssessmentInsiya Rasiwala-Finn, a yoga guru from Vancouver, B.C., discusses eco-friendly yoga mats and highlights some of her favorite products in this blog. Each of the yoga mats is tested, and Rasiwala-Finn offers some interesting insights about these mats that are not covered in other reviews, such as how they smell, how durable they are and how easy they are to carry.
5. Amazon.com
As of June 2013
Yoga Mats
by Contributors to Amazon.com
Our AssessmentAmazon.com is the best source for owner yoga mat reviews, especially for budget yoga mats. A number of yoga mats receive a good number of ratings, including the Yoga Accessories Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat, the Manduka Black Mat Pro and the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel. While the top-rated mats earn similar overall ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5, there are several yoga mats that earn lower ratings, which helps identify those mats that don't live up to expectations.
Yoga and Pilates
by Editors of the American Council on Exercise
Our AssessmentThe American Council on Exercise reviews several yoga mats in brief single-Product reviews. While the reviews do not go into incredible detail, the analysis is relatively balanced, and editors list what they like and dislike about each mat. Each product is rated on a five-point scale. The Council gives only an average rating to the Manduka ProLite and Black Mat Pro yoga mats. The AgSilver CleanMat also gets an average rating. The Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel earns a 4-star rating.
7. The New York Times
Sept. 3, 2009
Gear Test with Riji Suh, Bikram Yoga Teacher; Physical Culture: Hold a Pose, Break a Sweat
by Winter Miller
Our AssessmentThis gear review focuses mainly on yoga apparel, but a yoga mat and yoga towel are also reviewed -- the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel and the Manduka ProLite yoga mat. A yoga instructor tests both of the products, and while they aren't rated, pros and cons are clearly noted.
8. The New York Times
June 21, 2007
For Some Things, It's O.K. to Be Sticky (Yoga Mats)
by Jessica Cassity
Our AssessmentThis article from The New York Times is several years old, but it's still worth a read. Jessica Cassity enlists the help of a yoga teacher to evaluate five PVC-free yoga mats, including the Barefoot Yoga Eco Mat and Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat. The yoga mats aren't rated or compared, but tester comments are included.
9. Health Magazine
Oct. 6, 2010
Gear Guide: Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel
by Su Reid-St. John
Our AssessmentHealth magazine doesn't review many yoga mats, but its fitness editor, Su Reid-St. John, offers a detailed single-Product review of the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel. While the yoga towel is not rated or compared to others, Reid-St. John does describe the pluses and minuses of this product in her review.
10. BoingBoing.net
April 21, 2009
Yoga "Eco Mat" Review: Prana Revolution (Attention -- Conservation Verdict: I Dig)
by Xeni Jardin
Our AssessmentWriter Xeni Jardin has a reasonably detailed review of the Prana Revolution yoga mat. Jardin tests out a bunch of different yoga mats, but finds the Revolution her overwhelming favorite. It provides good grip, and at 30 inches wide it is wider than most yoga mats, she says.
11. About.com
Sept. 16, 2012
Yoga Equipment and Clothing
by Ann Pizer
Our AssessmentAnn Pizer, the yoga guide at About.com, reviews yoga mats on occasion. Although most of the mats are not rated, Pizer details pros and cons for each model. She reviews the Manduka Eko Lite yoga mat, in addition to the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Towel.
12. Yoga Journal
Not dated
Mat Matters
by Cynthia Morris
Our AssessmentWriter Cynthia Morris doesn't review any yoga mats in this article from Yoga Journal magazine, but she makes several recommendations for eco-friendly mats. The Jade Yoga Encore mats are made with recycled rubber, so they don't contain PVC. The Health and Yoga Natural Dried Grass Yoga Mat is also listed. Morris also discusses the chemicals used to make common yoga mats available from mass retailers.
13. PopSugar.com
Feb. 10, 2011
Which Yoga Mat Is Your All-Time Favorite?
by Leta Shy
Our AssessmentPopSugar: Fitness (formerly FitSugar) has a slideshow article of the best yoga mats, including top picks for different types of people. Each yoga mat gets a brief two-sentence overview, and there's no indication that the mats were personally tested. Gaiam's budget-friendly Prosperity Mat is recommended for new yogis, while the Jade Harmony Professional mat is deemed the best eco-friendly choice.
14. YogaConsumerReports.com
Not dated
Yoga Mat Reviews and Ratings
by Editors of YogaConsumerReports.com
Our AssessmentThe anonymous authors of YogaConsumerReports.com recommend several yoga mats as Editor's Picks, but there are few details shared to illustrate why these mats are better than the others. Each of the three yoga mats links to a single-Product page with a smattering of user reviews. However, it doesn't appear that this website is updated often.
15. GearPatrol.com
July 15, 2009
Manduka Black Mat Pro
by Dusty Overby
Our AssessmentGearPatrol.com reviews a wide variety of fitness gear, including this evaluation of the Manduka Black Mat Pro by Dusty Overby. He offers a few notes on usability and performance. The mat is not rated or compared to others on the market.
16. YogaForums.com
As of June 2013
Yoga Mat Reviews and Recommendations
by Contributors to YogaForums.com
Our AssessmentSeveral people comment on this thread at YogaForums.com to recommend their favorite yoga mat. Manduka yoga mats, especially the Black Mat Pro, enjoy good support here, as does Jade's Harmony Professional yoga mat. One person comments on the Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat, saying they've purchased several of these mats and they have "worn very poorly."
17. Yoga and Joyful Living
Winter 2009
Your New & Improved Eco-Mat
by Jancy Langley
Our AssessmentThis article in Yoga and Joyful Living magazine takes a look at editors' "top biodegradable, nontoxic alternatives to the plastic-based standard." While several yoga mats are recommended, the analysis is superficial and based largely on features. It's not clear if the mats were actually tested by the author.
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