Yoga for Your Pregnancy Review

Updated March 31, 2014
Yoga for Your Pregnancy
Bottom Line

Reviewers like the grounded, calming nature of "Yoga for Your Pregnancy," with one saying it's "spiritual yet not New Age-y at all and very, very relaxing." The program moves at a quicker pace compared to other prenatal yoga DVDs and includes modifications to increase and decrease the difficulty of many poses. The instructor, Kristen Eykel, is likeable and low-key, but a few reviewers warn she performs some stretches that can lead to injury.


Use common sense when stretching. "Yoga for Your Pregnancy" is led by Kristen Eykel, a doula and certified pregnancy yoga expert who has starred in several short yoga DVDs. Reviewers say she has a pleasant, calming style that isn't cheesy, though a couple say she talks too much. Most agree Eykel explains each pose thoroughly, and the program includes a section on breathing techniques. However, several reviewers question the safety of certain movements that require bouncing, and they are skeptical of Eykel as a result. The bottom line is that you should check with your doctor before performing any type of exercise when you are expecting and proceed with caution if a movement seems too extreme.

ProsInstructor has broad appeal, Pose modifications, Quality music, set, Includes discussion of labor techniques, postnatal stretchesConsA few stretches may be risky, Pace may be too quick


Inviting setting and bonus materials. Filmed in a bright, inviting room that opens onto a flower-filled patio, reviewers say "Yoga for Your Pregnancy's" setting is relaxing and unobtrusive. The accompanying guitar music is similarly soothing and minimalist, they say. Production quality gets high marks in general. The program focuses on strength and relaxation, making it ideal for morning and evening workouts. They also like the DVD's discussion of how to use yoga for peace and strength during labor, as well as its inclusion of a postnatal workout to increase flexibility after delivery.

Ease of use

Pace isn't as slow as other prenatal programs. Most reviewers say "Yoga for Your Pregnancy" is ideal for women of all fitness levels, including beginners. But some say it moves a little more quickly than other prenatal yoga programs and might not be as ideal for those who want to take things very slowly or want total relaxation. The program includes modifications for women who need less difficult poses as well as for those who want more of a challenge, and cues are well timed. A couple of moves use a chair, blanket or pillows as aids. The DVD consists of a 30-minute "energizing" workout, a 15-minute "relaxing" workout and a short postnatal workout.

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