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Molicare Slip Maxi Review

By: Damon McClure on August 03, 2017

Bottom Line

Extremely absorbent and infinitely wearable, the Molicare Slip Maxi adult diaper gets strong feedback from wearers and experts. If you're looking for quality coupled with peace of mind, this diaper can offer you excellent leakage protection, effective odor control and a comfortable fit.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Comfortable padded panels
  • Hardly ever leaks


  • A little bulky
  • Plastic covering can irritate skin
  • Not everyone cares for the robin's egg blue color
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


A new name for a reliable product. Though the results are no longer available online, XPMedical.com tested the previous version of this adult diaper and reports that Molicare Super Plus took in a total of 46 ounces of fluid. That's an admirable yield, in league with some of the other most absorbent brands of adult briefs. It also shined in the test's "wicking distance" category, absorbing fluid over the space of 18 inches, allowing much of the padding to be used before needing to change. Other experts fall in line. IncontinenceSupport.info comments specifically on the Slip Maxi and gives it top marks in absorbency both when dry and wet. "This diaper is DEFINITELY an excellent choice for heavy overnight protection, especially for women!," they say. Lutz Albrecht at Mylenium's Health Stuff tests the newest version and is pleased. "Aside from some minor design changes it really is your good old friend that you've known for so long…" he says.

Ease of use

A secure, snug fit. The general consensus seems to be that the Molicare Slip Maxi briefs are comfortable to wear, although a review by the IncontinenceSupport.info warns that the brand's sizing for its medium and large diapers are off by several inches and that they're actually 4 to 5 inches smaller than the size measurements indicate. As an example, they note that the medium brief, which is advertised as 32 to 47 inches waist or hip, will fit up to a 42 inch waist or hip at most. Albrecht, on the other hand, likes the fit very much. One plus with the new version: though he can't be certain, Albrecht feels that the new backing might be "a tad more robust" than the previous version.

Odor absorption

High-tech materials keep odors at bay. The Slip Maxi's three-part absorbent core is designed to neutralize odor, and most seem satisfied with this feature, as it mostly goes unmentioned in user reviews of both the previous and current version. IncontinenceSupport.info says that while the Molicare Slip Maxi is a relatively pricey product, it's worth its cost for the "peace of mind it gives me in leakage and odor control protection."

Our Sources

Editors of IncontinenceSupport.info, Not Dated

IncontinenceSupport.info rates adult briefs in a number of categories, such as fit and absorbency, and goes on to detail some of the product's features. The Molicare Maxi Slip receives high marks in almost every performance category, but receives an "Average" score for fit, ease of putting on and ease of removal. The reason for its average score for fit is that fit runs small at the top end of each size range. The editors pan the new robin's egg blue color, but give a definite thumbs up to the quality, saying it is unmatched among adult diapers.

Lutz Albrecht, June 24, 2016

An incontinence sufferer, Lutz Albrecht, who blogs under the name of "Mylenium" informally tests a wide variety of adult diapers, including Molicare Slip Maxi. He is generally pleased with performance and other aspects. He adds that "As far as I can tell it behaves pretty much like it always has and I tend to think that I've worn it long enough to make that assessment."

John Davis, March 2015

Molicare Super Plus (now available as the Slip Maxi) is among the adult diapers specifically recommend by John Davis, who is medically required to wear adult diapers continually. Based on his own experience with the product, Davis says that this high absorbency diaper with excellent wicking ability is good for daytime wear for those with heavy incontinence, and very good for wear overnight.

Editors of IncontinentSupport.org, Not Dated

This highly informative how-to guide for newly incontinent adults repeatedly recommends Molicare disposable diapers, saying that their absorbency is worth the premium price. The article is conversational but, unlike the article by John Davis at the same site, the author doesn't appear to have conducted any sort of formal testing. However, it's still a good resource.

Contributors to Amazon.com , As of August 2017

Molicare Slip Maxi briefs receive an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars following nearly 50 user reviews. The majority of users give the briefs stellar marks.

Editors of XPMedical.com, Not Dated

XPMedical.com is an adult diaper retailer website that puts its products through rigorous testing in a lab. The research sheds much light on how the briefs perform in real-life use. Though the information is no longer on line, the site had tested the earlier version of this diaper, the Super Plus, came in the mid-range for capacity, but excelled in wicking and absorbs about three times as fast as competing products.

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