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Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Review

By: Carl Laron on June 21, 2017

Bottom Line

In expert tests and user reviews, the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty excels at particle, pollen and smoke removal. It doesn't have the largest capacity, but with the ability to clean air in rooms of up to 326 square feet, it can handle all but the largest master bedrooms.


  • Exceptionally quiet at low speed
  • Attractive styling
  • True HEPA filter
  • Energy Star-qualified


  • Not suitable for larger rooms
Our Analysis
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Breaking it down


Noticeable improvement in air quality. The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is capable of filtering air from small to medium rooms, up to 326 square feet. Testing at TheSweethome.com put the Coway in the top tier of performers overall, and when value and expected reliability are factored in, elevates it to the top spot overall. It uses a true HEPA filter, a prefilter, and features an odor filter plus ionization technology that produces minimal amounts of ozone, or that can be switched off entirely if that is your preference. In testing at TheSweethome.com, the AP-1512HH cut "particle concentration to just 12 percent background level after 20 minutes" -- better than what most units could achieve.

Ease of use

Easy to live with. "You may well turn your Coway Mighty on and never think about it again, and that's about the highest compliment you can give an appliance," the reviewers at TheSweethome.com say. The carbon odor should be replaced every six months, and the HEPA filter every year, and a filter change indicator lets owners know when it's time to do that. The prefilter is washable. There's an auto mode that monitors the air quality and adjusts purification rates to match. A visual indicator also lets you know the status of your air quality. The unit is compact -- 18.3 inches high, 16.8 inches wide. and 9.6 inches deep -- and lightweight at just over 15 pounds


One of the quietest air purifiers available. TheSweethome.com tests noise levels and are impressed. At low speed, the Coway is described as "effectively silent," measuring 42.7 dB. At its mid-level speeds, the unit measures 51.1 dB -- below the sound level of normal conversation (55 dB); users say that this noise level is noticeable when trying to sleep, but not overly unpleasant, with many likening it to a white noise generator. At the highest speed, however, like most air purifiers, the noise levels are loud enough to certainly disturb light -- and some not-so-light -- sleepers

Cost of ownership

Lower than most. The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is among the least expensive air purifiers that reputable reviewers say are effective. But the good news for your wallet doesn't stop there. TheSweethome.com pegs the five year cost of buying and maintaining the Coway at $575, which is substantially lower than that of many air purifiers rated to clean the same sized or larger rooms. While we don't recommend doing so, TheSweethome.com ran the unit non-stop for two years without replacing the HEPA filter (one year beyond its stated lifetime) and reported that there was no measurable drop off in performance.

Our Sources

John Holecek and Tim Heffernan, Aug. 10, 2016

The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is the clear choice of the experts here. "It outperforms purifiers that cost far more, is the cheapest to own long-term, and maintains its performance for years—a Sweethome trifecta," John Holecek and Tim Heffernan say.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of June 2017

More than 465 owners contribute reviews of the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty at Amazon.com, where it earns an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. There are a few reports of durability issues, and customer service that could be more helpful, which is a concern, but those are far outweighed by the majority that are pleased by the unit's performance, low noise, and value.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of June 2017

We found more than 40 additional reviews at BedBathandBeyond.com. Satisfaction is even higher than at Amazon.com -- with only one rating below 4 stars, leading to an overall score of 4.8 stars. Nearly all (98 percent) offer it a recommendation.

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