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AB Rocket Twister Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Easy to use
  • May be easier on the back than crunches


  • Flimsy
  • Poor neck support
  • Not a challenging workout
  • Only works in conjunction with separate diet and cardio
Our Analysis
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Oh our abs, the source of both strength and despair. Strength because our abdominal muscles hold us up, despair because we want to them to look good while they're doing so!

That's where the AB Rocket Twister comes in, with its lofty promises to give you tighter, sexier abs in just 5 minutes a day. Ah, if it were only that simple.

Here's the main problem with the AB Rocket Twister: you can't actually twist your way to tighter abdominals just by using this product -- the company even says so right in the infomercial. Rather, you use the AB Rocket Twister in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and by engaging in cardio exercises SIX TIMES A WEEK! That's a lot of non-ab-twisting exercise and, studies show, you can get those same dramatic results by just doing the cardio and calorie-cutting. Then, in addition, you can do sit ups, crunches or planks if you really want to feel like you're targeting your abs and those exercises are absolutely free.

The AB Rocket Twister is also expensive for something you only need 5 minutes a day. It's $80 at Amazon.com, $99.75 at the official AB Rocket website, either in one payment (which includes a 3-year warranty) or five payments of $19.95 (which includes a 1-year warranty). Shipping and handling is included. What you get is the AB Rocket Twister, a diet plan, four DVD's with various workouts (including that 6-day-a-week cardio plan), and resistance bands to increase your workout level (spoiler alert: they don't work).

As with virtually all As Seen On TV products, we find a lot of buyer's remorse in reviews of the AB Rocket Twister, with users saying the assembly directions are confusing, the AB Rocket is very uncomfortable to use, the construction is flimsy and the "resistance bands" are a joke (as noted above). There are positive reviews, but, quite frankly, most of the satisfied reviewers give few details, other than saying: It's great! So, we don't actually know if they're talking about the product, the shipping, or what. And, as we see with all ASoTV products, customer service is terrible and returning the product is next to impossible. You have to jump through plenty of hoops, pay for the shipping, and you might get charged a restocking fee.

One big red flag: When you order the AB Rocket Twister you agree to the company's Arbitration Agreement, in which you cannot enter into any lawsuit, including class action lawsuits, brought against the company. This may also result in you having to pay administrative costs for the arbitration. We have never seen this before and wonder if it has sprung out of the legal troubles of the AB Circle Pro. We no longer cover the AB Circle Pro on this site because their website has been shut down, (although the product is still available at various online retailers). That company was hit with a million dollar class action lawsuit a few years ago for "deceptive advertising." What were they being deceptive about? Well, they were claiming that you could get lean, strong abs in just 3 minutes a day. In other words, two minutes per day less than the AB Rocket Twister. Trust us, that extra 2 minutes isn't going to work miracles.

If you really want to remake your body, do it right. Find a diet plan you can stick to, like one of our recommendations in our report on weight loss programs, and pair it with a good exercise routine.  If the weather is bad where you live and you can't get out and walk, consider investing in something you can use indoors. We cover exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and stair steppers in their own reports, as well as plenty of other fitness-related products in our health and fitness category. Any of these will give you the cardio workout you need to trim your body and help you find your abs.

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