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Ahh Bra Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Comfortable
  • Doubles as a layered camisole


  • No support
  • Thin, flimsy material
  • Rolls up
  • Runs small
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Sorry, we got distracted by the whole itching and scratching thing. Yes, we know bras can be uncomfortable and they can poke and you can prod to try to keep them from poking, but itching and scratching? We're scratching our heads on that one.

But we digress. The Ahh Bra claims to be the most comfortable bra you will ever own, and say it will eliminate pinching, binding, chafing, discomfort, bra bulge and underarm cleavage. That's a tall order for such a little bra. Except it's not really little at all, rather the Ahh Bra seems to be a cross between a tank top, sports bra, camisole and upper body shaper (in that it extends down past the traditional bra under band by several inches). The Ahh Bra was developed by former Playboy Bunny Rhonda Shear, a profession that one would assume makes you an expert in all things bra.

Alas, in spite of that high level of expertise, the Ahh Bra is not a perfect solution for everyone -- especially if you're big-busted. It's comfortable, for the most part, but finding the right fit is a bit of a crapshoot. Unlike traditional bras, which take your band size and cup size into account, the Ahh Bra is based upon what size shirt you wear. In other words, if you wear a medium shirt, you buy a medium bra. I'm sure anyone who wears a bra understands the problem with that system: It doesn't take into account the differences in a "medium-sized" female person. As a result, many owners report too-tight (or too-loose) fitting bras, as well as bunching, rolling, binding and unsightly bulges. All of those issues the Ahh Bra claims to prevent.

Also problematic is the lack of support you get with the Ahh Bra. It's a light cotton material with no padding or lift system, just darted cups. That can mean showing a bit more "headlight" than you're comfortable with, or, if you're large busted, dealing with a distracting level of jiggle. The Ahh Bra also does not provide the type of lift and definition that give you a smooth silhouette and keep your clothes from wrinkling, pulling and bunching that a good bra offers.

Some less-well-endowed women say it's a fine bra for light exercise, but we wouldn't recommend it for anything beyond that. A supportive bra is a must for anyone who exercises at any level faster than a leisurely stroll. For suggestions that will fit you, see our separate report on sports bras.

The best use of the Ahh Bra, almost all agree, is as a bra for wearing around the house when you're in your comfy clothes, or as a nighttime bra. If you do need a basic, comfortable bra, there's no reason not to buy the Ahh Bra. It's not particularly pricey, it comes in a wide range of colors, and, if you can hit on the right size, you'll probably be very satisfied.

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