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Bumpits Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Works for some hair types
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors


  • Painful after a while
  • Hard to conceal in thin or fine hair
  • May fall out
  • Hair still needs to be teased, sprayed and pinned
Our Analysis
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Bumpits are plastic, arch-shaped inserts edged with grippy teeth that promise to make hair look fuller. Designed to be concealed, they can be placed beneath bangs or behind hair at the crown.

We almost deleted our Bumpits review, because the official website has barely any information and no way to order besides sending an email to "Kelly." But then we heard the news: Katy Perry wore a Bumpit in her hair to the 2016 Golden Globe awards show, leading the founder of Bumpits, Kelly Fitzpatrick Bennett (apparently the "Kelly" of the email destination), to declare that she was bringing Bumpits back!

Katy Perry can pull off the Bumpit because she has the two things that reviewers say you need to successfully use the Bumpit: great hair and a professional stylist. While Bumpits will Bump it (your hair) up!!! as the website claims, it's not as easy to do as it seems. It won't work on too-thick or too-thin hair, and it goes without saying that your hair has to be long enough to completely cover the Bumpit.

Bumpits are marketed as an alternative to teasing your hair, but users say it still has to be teased and sprayed to fit over the Bumpit, and has to be well-pinned to stay there. Still they say that once you get your hair into place, the Bumpit holds it up well. The downside is that a number of reviewers say the hard plastic, and sometimes the teeth, were painful after a while. Although, we think it may have been Beyoncé that said beauty is worth the pain. But she may have been talking about shoes, not hair.

We did hear back from Ms. Fitzpatrick, who is very prompt about answering her email, who informed us that, contrary to the video on the website, Bumpits cost $10 for two, with $5 shipping, however they only have the brunette color in stock. If you want a different color, or all four colors, we suggest you order from Amazon, there are a number of vendors that sell it there for various prices, several with free shipping. As to whether or not the Bumpit is making a big comeback after the Perry incident, we don't know, but we don't think the Bumpit is ever really going to leave.

Our Sources

Editors of PrettyGossip.com, May 11, 2012

This review of the Bumpit is tangential to the point of this blog post, which is about how to provide a natural looking lift to hair. The reviewer initially tried Bumpits, but found them to be large, heavy, difficult to use and unnatural-looking. She ultimate returned them and found something more suitable. However, even with the new product, she makes it clear that giving your hair a nice pouf takes some work. 

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of March 2016

In just under 40 reviews, Bumpits earn an overall rating of 3.4 stars out of 5. Some say they work great, if you have the right kind of hair and once you get the hang of it. However, even fans say they are painful to wear. Others are less happy, saying they are too hard to use, fall out of their hair, or require just as much teasing, spraying and pinning as they have to do without the Bumpit. Elsewhere on the site there are more Bumpit reviews, listings by third party sellers, with similar ratings and feedback.

Contributors to MakeupAlley.com, As of March 2016

At MakeupAlley.com, just about 50 reviewers give Bumpits an overall rating of 3.2 lipsticks out of 5. Some users are pleased, but most say they couldn't get the Bumpit secured or couldn't get their hair to cover it -- even those with thicker hair.

Contributors to Overstock.com, As of March 2016

The Bumpit fares slightly better at Overstock.com, earning an overall rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 in nearly 25 reviews. Again, we see complaints about the Bumpit falling out of hair, or being impossible to cover. A few say it works well, especially if you have the hair and the patience to work on it.

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