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Cami Secret Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Covers décolletage
  • Machine washable


  • Too skimpy for larger bustlines; bigger women
  • Doesn't work with all bra straps
  • Low-quality fabric
Our Analysis
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The Pitch: The layered look without the bulk!

The Verdict: Only if you're a size medium or smaller!

The infomercial for Cami Secret features a lecherous-looking boss leaning over a pretty young office assistant wearing a low-cut blouse.  If only she had Cami Secret, a square of cloth, embellished with a strip of lace trim at the top and two snaps at the sides, her closet full of low-cut dresses and tops would transform into a wardrobe with suitable for a professional setting. Using the Cami Secret looks easy; just slip the fabric between your bra and clothing, snap it onto your bra straps and voilà -- instant camisole look. When it works properly and doesn't slip, it appears that you're wearing a full camisole or tank top underneath.

But, according to some reviewers, that little square of cloth isn't big enough and just doesn't help much if your bust is larger than that of the model in the commercial. Although the infomercial claims that the Cami Secret will fit all sizes, it apparently isn't large enough to work properly for plus-sized women, or those with full chests or broad shoulders. Quite a few also say it only works with bras with thin straps.

About half of the reviews we saw say that the Cami Secret doesn't fit well and looks cheap, and that they hate the lace -- they wish it came in just plain fabric. Some say the lace is so tacky-looking that it can actually ruin a nice outfit. Many also claim that whenever they bend over the Cami Secret flips out. Others say that the Cami Secret is a great idea but should be of better quality; they cite poor, cheap fabric and snaps that don't work.

Still, quite a few users really love the Cami Secret for adding some versatility to their wardrobe, but even they admit that they can see how the dimensions might be a bit skimpy for some users. Those who do like it don't seem to have any complaints about the fabric, and say it's easy to use and stays in place nicely. However, it seems that it works best for a medium to small body type without a large bust.

The basic Cami Secret set of three in black, beige and white. They cost $10 plus $6.99 for shipping and handling. For an additional shipping charge of $6.99, buyers can get a free second set in navy, brown and ivory. However, many customers who ordered their Cami Secret directly from the product website complain of being overcharged for shipping for extra sets. They caution that there's no way to review your order total before it's put through, so you're not sure what you're being charged until it's too late. If you really want to try Cami Secret, we suggest ordering through Amazon.com so that you know what you're getting. And, as many users note, for the price there -- $8 plus free Prime shipping -- there may be no reason not to.

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