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Debbie Meyer Green Bags Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Better for veggies than fruit
  • Reusable


  • Must be kept dry
  • Doesn't work on all produce
Our Analysis
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Other users are unhappy with their Green Bags and say they fail to see how they are any better than regular plastic bags. They complain that their produce goes bad just as quickly in the Debbie Meyer Green Bags as it does in other storage. A handful of users also complain that produce kept in Green Bags looks fresh on the outside, but is actually rotted inside. Those who experience the moisture issue find it's too much of a hassle to constantly dry out the inside of the bags, and think it's easier to stick with other storage methods.

Several news programs put the Debbie Meyer Green Bags to the test, and most come away with disappointing results. KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., gives the bags a grade of F after the produce they use starts to rot after one week. KYW-TV in Philadelphia and KDKA in Pittsburgh have slightly better luck: Both find that the Green Bags work for vegetables, but that fruits develop too much moisture and go bad just as quickly as they do in other types of storage. Customer reviews on InfomercialRatings.com and Amazon.com are mixed.

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