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DirectBuy Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Might be good for large remodeling projects
  • Some members report significant savings
  • Many locations accredited by Better Business Bureau


  • Very high upfront fees
  • Extremely aggressive sales pitch
  • Can't see catalog before you sign up
  • Huge number of consumer complaints
Our Analysis

We found reams of negative comments at RipoffReport.com, GardenWeb.com and at blogs like BradsBlog.com, in which a brief comment about DirectBuy elicits 600 or so vituperative comments. An interior designer posting on GardenWeb.com says she's had numerous clients who were initially very enthusiastic and hoped to save thousands with their investments. However, every single one of those clients was outraged with DirectBuy "not just because of 'beyond poor' service, but they were upset their $3-$5K could have been used on real, tangible products."

The only positive reviews of DirectBuy we could find were at ConsumerReviews.org, and the 20 posts here are uniformly ecstatic (especially compared to what we found elsewhere online). Since ConsumerReviews.org hides behind a masked domain name (meaning we can't tell who operates it), it's highly suspect. In fact, this site represents the very worst of what's out there when it comes to credibility.

One plus is that many locations have Better Business Bureau accreditation, so it's worth checking with your local BBB before signing on. We scanned the ratings for many DirectBuy locations, and while we generally noticed a good number of official complaints, most appeared to have been resolved.

It is difficult to find any positive feedback on DirectBuy, but ConsumerReports.org allows that it might be a worthwhile investment if you're planning to spend over $20,000 on your remodeling project -- and if you're willing to sign up for the program without knowing what merchandise is being offered.

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