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Emery Cat Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Includes cat toy and catnip bag
  • Might keep your cat from scratching other things


  • Many cats don't like it
  • Can be rough on cats' paws
  • Prone to tipping
  • Refills can be hard to find
Our Analysis

Amazon.com users overwhelmingly dislike Emery Cat; out of 120-plus user posts, half give it a 1-star review. Most users say that their cats simply don't like it, and speculate that this may be because it's way too rough for Kitty's paws. Likewise, Grand Rapids, Mich., affiliate station WZZM shows a video where Emery Cat is tested with three cats: two use it once and then never go near it again; the other cat never touches it at all, a scenario mentioned repeatedly in Emery Cat reviews. Reviews on other sites mainly echo those on Amazon.com, with as many low ratings as high ones. In the end, it's a 50/50 bet whether or not your cat will use the Emery Cat.

Another complaint comes from those who've ordered the Emery Cat through its website. Customers say that the Emery Cat web page won't let them review their order total before it goes through. In addition, customers complain that it's too easy to accidentally order multiple sets, for which it is hard to get a refund. These complaints are detailed on sites such as ComplaintsBoard.com and ConsumerAffairs.com.

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