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EZ Combs Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Holds hair in place, with some practice
  • Some users get good results


  • Doesn't work for about half of users
  • Complaints of deceptive customer service
  • Shoddy construction
Our Analysis
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We did find at least two beauty bloggers who had a good experience with EZ Combs: Beauty Match and Cardiogirl, both of whom recommend this product with some reservations (the writer for Beauty Match warns that it's expensive to order EZ Combs over the phone, while Cardiogirl worries about the durability of what she calls this accessory's "bungee cords.")

Besides numerous complaints about lack of results, we found many reports of deceptive customer service (including overbilled credit cards and difficulty obtaining refunds), as well as complaints of EZ Combs snapping or breaking right out of the box.

Our Sources

"The Mom", July 16, 2009

In this illustrated review of EZ Combs, the blogger expresses her frustration that she can't get them to work in the hair of her three daughters, ages 2, 4 and 7: "I've tried about every way they show to use these, but they just don't stay in." The writer did have temporary success after she curled her daughter's hair and then put in the EZ Comb. However, after only an hour of playing, some of her daughter's hair fell out of the comb. This leads her to believe that EZ Combs "are more for grown-up women" with desk jobs. After several failed attempts, the writer finally winds up resorting to plain bobby pins.

Editors of MyBeautyMatch.com, June 22, 2009

In this thorough review, the writer says EZ Combs work as advertised, though she does admit that she had to dampen her hair first. She finds that EZ Combs are comfortable to wear and allow her to rest her head without causing any pain. She also notes that this product is much more expensive to buy on TV than in her local drugstore.

"Cardiogirl", Jan. 12, 2009

In this blog post complete with photos, Cardiogirl gushes over EZ Combs, saying they're "more than worth the price," but admits that they take a long time to get used to. She says that if the combs lose their shape after using them, it's easy to manuever them back into place. Although she has yet to have one break on her, CardioGirl does worry about the durability of what she refers to as the "bungee cords" (tiny elastics that hold the beads and combs together).

Contributors to ConsumerAffairs.com,

Most of the numerous complaints posted on this site focus on one of two issues: overcharging or deceptive service when ordering EZ Combs over the phone, or inability to get the product to work. There are also numerous reports of shoddy construction and breaking parts.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

About 20 users post comments about EZ Combs, and they're split down the middle -- half praise the product, and the other half complain that they don't work, don't stay in place or are shoddily constructed. One owner calls them "a good alternative to rubber bands." They seem to work better for those with hair that's neither too fine nor too thick/wavy.

Contributors to HSN.com,

More than 40 users post comments, saying they either love or hate EZ Combs. One says the combs work well in her 5-year-old daughter's hair, while another concedes that they're "pretty" but don't hold hair. Overall, EZ Combs receive a mediocre average rating of 2.9 stars out of a possible five.

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