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Handy Switch Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient remote control
  • Works from up to 60 feet
  • Works through walls


  • Can only handle one lamp
  • Reports of quality-control problems
  • Replacement policy cost-prohibitive
Our Analysis
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We found the largest number of user-written reviews and ratings at Amazon.com, where more than 70 users review the Handy Switch -- with about two-thirds happy with it and the rest giving it a thumbs-down. Users reviewing it at Buzzillions.com report the same good and bad news. Tests at two TV stations confirm that well-functioning Handy Switch units really do work as claimed. A review at Kaboodle.com warns about a tricky ordering process online. Users recommend buying the unit at a local store instead -- one with a good return policy for defective items.

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