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Hedbanz Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line

Taking the classic game of 20 questions to a sillier level, Hedbanz is a guessing game for players 7 and older. Two to six players can play at a time, and each is equipped with three plastic chips and an adjustable headband. Each player selects a picture card from the deck and attaches it to their headband so that they can't see it, but the other players can. The players then each take a turn asking questions about what's on their card in an effort to guess its identity. If you guess correctly before the timer runs out, you discard one of your chips; if you don't, you collect a new chip and take a new card for your next turn. The first player to discard all of their chips is the winner.


  • Easy to learn
  • Good for all ages
  • Rules can be adapted
  • Makes kids think


  • Limited number of cards
Our Analysis
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What players say

Hedbandz gets great reviews from owners who say it's a quick-paced, easy-to-learn game that kids can play with each other, though it's also fun for the entire family. We bought a copy at retail and played it over lunch here at ConsumerSearch. Our informal consensus? It's very fun, and often hilarious. We're not alone in that sentiment, as one mom posts to Amazon.com: "The pictures are so cute and crazy that it's hard not to laugh when you see that your spouse is a hot dog or that your daughter is a goat." Another owner sums up the inherent mass appeal, saying, "The kids had an amazing time with this. Kids include dad."

Other parents applaud the educational benefits they discovered while playing. As one owner notes on Amazon.com, "One of the keys to becoming a good writer in school is learning how to describe things and use adjectives. This game is great for developing this skill, because children have to ask questions about what they are -- and that takes thinking and creativity!" Another parent says, "The objects on the cards seem very simple and seem like they'd be very easy to guess, but it takes more thinking than you'd expect to figure out what the card on your head is!"

Some owners say that the timer runs out too quickly and can be a distraction, but some add that the game can easily be modified to remove the timer. Doing so also can be helpful for children who are too young to grasp the official rules, but still want in on the game time fun.

The only real complaint that reviewer have is that the game only comes with 74 cards, so if the game is played often enough, it doesn't take long to go through them all. Since the limited number of cards available is the main issue reviewers have with Hedbanz, parents may want to also check out the Disney edition of the game. There's even a Hedbanz for Adults edition available for those who want to play without the kids. More than one reviewer at Amazon.com suggests making your own cards with clip art or drawings to supplement the game deck.

The bottom line

No matter the age of the player is, there's a way to get them in on some version of the ridiculous fun of Hedbanz. Perhaps the most fitting summary of Hedbandz is this one posted by a happy customer at Amazon.com: "Simple but great."

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