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Hurricane Spin Mop Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Soaks up liquid


  • Small mop head
  • Does not swivel easily
  • Numerous durability issues
  • Pricey compared to similar mops
  • Spinning action not as efficient as wringing
Our Analysis

The Hurricane Spin Mop actually has a few slogans: Cuts your cleaning time in half! Spend less time mopping! Cleans, dries and polishes in one easy step!

Ahhh…if it only did all that. Unfortunately, you probably won't spend any less time cleaning with the Hurricane Spin Mop than you will with any other mop -- although it will almost certainly perform better than an old-fashioned sponge mop. Reviewers say that the Hurricane Spin Mop's head is a lot smaller and thinner than it appears in the commercials, so it takes a lot of time to clean all but the smallest floors and has to be rinsed frequently. It also takes longer to remove the water from the mop head than with other spin mops because the Hurricane Mop spins the water out of the mop head using centrifugal force, which is not as efficient as a dedicated wringer like the one included with our best reviewed spin mop, the Twist & Shout (Est. $50).

All of those issues add time to cleaning, they don't subtract from it, and the lack of maneuverability doesn't help. Many reviewers note that they wish they could figure out how to easily swivel the Hurricane Spin Mop like it shows in the commercials. In real life, they say, you have to stand on the base and pull the handle in the direction you want it to go. There also is no "clean, dry and polish" single step as it claims on the box. Like any mop, you have to dip it in water, wring it out, mop, rinse the mop head, and wring it again. And the dirty water that you wring out goes into the bucket, so, for a true rinse, at some point you need to dump the dirty water and use clean water for another pass.

However, the biggest problem with the Hurricane Spin Mop is that it gets dreadful reviews for durability. The foot lever that operates the spinner breaks easily, reviewers say, and it often leaks from the point where the lever is attached to the bucket -- although the good news is that the Hurricane gets good reviews for absorbing puddles. The mop handle is also reported as extremely flimsy, so you have to be careful of putting too much pressure on it when cleaning tough spots. The handle on the Hurricane Spin Mop is also quite short, many note, making it uncomfortable to use.

Having said all that, there are people who are very happy with the Hurricane Spin Mop and say it works very well. However, even some satisfied customers repeat the complaints we detail above, but say once they got a mop that was not broken or didn't leak, that it worked well. In some cases, it took three mops for that to happen.

The Hurricane Spin Mop costs $39.99 from the official web site; either as one payment or two payments of $19.99. Shipping and handling is $12.99, for a grand total of $52.98. For that price, you get the mop with one mop head, the bucket, and a lint removing brush. However, you can buy the mop from Amazon.com for about $37.00 with free shipping.

If you still think a Hurricane Spin Mop is right for you, we suggest you NOT order it from the official website. Not only is it more expensive, but if you want to return it within the 30-day warranty period you have to pay for return shipping and you do not get a refund for your initial shipping and handling fees. So, it could cost you $25 or so and you'll still need to buy a mop. In addition, Telebrands, the manufacturer of the Hurricane Mop gets poor reviews for customer service. 

Better yet, head on over to our newly updated report on mops, to find a spin mop that far outperforms the Hurricane, as well as suggestions for quite a few other types of mops as well. We think you'll be much happier with one of those choices.

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