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Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line

This slicer produces good results, but figuring out how to use it can be tricky.

The pitch:


  • Produces very even slices
  • Easier than other methods


  • Size and shape limitations
  • Instructions are unclear
Our Analysis
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Ease of Use

Most reviews indicate the Hutzler 571 is very easy to use. Adair's video review notes it requires "hardly any pressure at all," and many reviews on Amazon.com compare it favorably to other methods of cutting bananas, such as an axe, a hammer, throwing the banana at a ceiling fan, or biting off individual pieces and spitting them out.

However, some Amazon users are frustrated by the limitations of the Hutzler when it comes to banana size and shape. One owner complains the size of the slicer is "unrealistic," and another recommends bringing the slicer to the store with you in order to select bananas that will fit. The shape of the slicer poses another problem. Several users point out it curves from left to right, making it unsuitable for bananas that curve the other way. One user recommends simply buying the left-handed model 571C along with the standard 571B.

A final issue relates to cleanup: A disgruntled professional ninja only gives the Hutzler 1 star because it's "impossible to clean," and another review complains it "stays sticky for days." A few reviews suggest putting the slicer in the dishwasher may fix this problem.


Multiple reviews at Amazon.com describe the Hutzler as "lightweight and durable." One reviewer reports no damage after tossing it onto both carpeted floors and area rugs. However, several owners grumble that the Hutzler is not as durable as a true military-grade slicer. One owner warns that it is "not designed for field use," while another describes the Hutzler 571 as "acceptable" but not "ruggedized for the harsh demands of combat banana slicing." Several users are also disappointed that bananas are not included.

Customer Service

One of the most common complaints we encountered concerning the slicer is inadequate documentation. One owner complains the instructions were in Japanese and he had to request an English version. Another owner found the directions "too complicated and vague": They did not explain the banana must be peeled first, nor did they indicate which way to position the slicer for cutting. Thomas was also disappointed with the vague instructions, but he says that a call to the company's toll-free number (1-800-GO-BANANAS) put him in touch with a "pleasant, helpful operator" who walked him through the process step by step.

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