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Malibu Pilates Chair Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Multiple exercises
  • Works all muscle groups
  • Low impact
  • Resistance springs can be adjusted


  • Can be awkward for beginners
  • Uncomfortable pedals
  • Heavy
  • Expensive to return for a refund
Our Analysis
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A few people who buy the Malibu Pilates Chair say that the exercises are awkward and the pedals hurt their feet; for some, the resistance is too firm, and for others it is not hard enough. Shorter people can have trouble reaching the pedals. Some reviewers note that all of the exercises can be performed with other, less expensive devices, such as resistance bands and exercise balls. Quite a few people think that the chair is poorly constructed; there are reports of breaking springs. The chair can be folded for storage, but some people find it difficult to do so.

Several people complain that Malibu Pilates Chair pricing is misleading. The infomercial and website advertise a "risk-free trial offer" for $14.95, plus shipping and handling, but that is just to try the chair for a month. If you keep the chair, you'll be billed $49.95 per month for the next six months. The shipping and handling charge is a nonrefundable $29.95. You'll also have to pay shipping charges if you choose to return the chair for a refund within the 30-day trial period.

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