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Mister Steamy Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • May work in small loads


  • Doesn't remove wrinkles
  • Loud
  • Only works on high heat
  • Tends to deteriorate quickly
Our Analysis
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Several television news stations give Mister Steamy a hands-on test. KFVS in Cape Girardeau, Mo., gives it F for both leaking on the clothes and showing no sign of reducing wrinkles. WVEC in Hampton Roads, Va., also declares that Mister Steamy doesn't work, as everything in the dryer still needs to be ironed. WTXF in Philadelphia is a bit happier, finding fewer wrinkles in a load of laundry dried with Mister Steamy when compared to a load dried on its own. Reviewers on HSN.com are very dissatisfied, citing everything from an abundance of wrinkles, the noise factor, and the high heat issue in their complaints. Reviewers on Amazon.com echo these complaints, though a select few recommend trying Mister Steamy in only small loads of laundry.

Our Sources

Lauren Keith, Feb. 8, 2010

As part of a regular KFVS "Does it Work Wednesday?" segment, Lauren Keith brings Mister Steamy to the laundromat to try it out. Using both water and the freshening liquid that comes with Mister Steamy, she tests a load of wet and a load of dry clothes. When she checks both loads midway through their cycles, she notices not only spots of water on the clothes, but also from the freshening liquid. After both drying cycles are complete, Lauren still sees some spots and everything is wrinkled, so she needs to re-wash the clothes and iron them once they're done. Ultimately, Mister Steamy gets an F grade.

Sandra Parker, July 12, 2010

Sandra Parker asks a local viewer try out Mister Steamy in her home. Using only water, she first uses it in a load containing linen shirts, which come out extremely wrinkled. Wondering if the fabric is the problem, she tries Mister Steamy in another load containing cotton-based clothing, but they also come out wrinkled and will need to be ironed before they can be worn. When asked if Mister Steamy works, she says no.

Michelle Buckman, Not Dated

Michelle Buckman tries out Mister Steamy in a side-by-side test. She puts one load of wet laundry in the dryer without Mister Steamy, then puts another load in with it, using only water when filling. When comparing both finished loads next to each other, she does see less wrinkles in the load that had Mister Steamy in it, though it isn't completely without wrinkles. She calls Mister Steamy a deal since it could eliminate the need to iron basic items, like jeans and t-shirts.

Contributors to HSN.com,

About 150 customers review Mister Steamy on HSN.com, and the majority of them are dissatisfied. Many complain that they see no reduction in wrinkles when using Mister Steamy, though a small percentage find that it works for smaller items, just not sheets or heavy fabrics. Several also don't like that Mister Steamy is only meant to be used on high heat, since they don't dry their clothes on that setting. Other complaints include how loud Mister Steamy is as it's bounced around the dryer and how quickly the sponge inside of it deteriorates.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

Two dozen customers review Mister Steamy on Amazon.com, and more than half of them give it the lowest possible rating. Most reviewers found their clothes to be no less wrinkled after drying them with Mister Steamy, and some even say their clothes were more wrinkled and damper than they would have been if dried on their own. Several find that it works in small loads with just a few items that need to be de-wrinkled. The many unhappy customers also comment on how loud Mister Steamy is in the dryer and how quickly the interior sponge falls apart.

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