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NuvoH2O Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • May help decrease scale initially
  • Does not produce waste nor require electricity
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Not a water softener
  • Refunds can be difficult to get
  • No third party, independent tests to back up claims
Our Analysis
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The nuvoH2O claims to produce softer water by using citric acid rather than sodium. However, experts in water technology say getting softer water from a salt-free system is impossible; the only way to soften water is to use sodium. A salt-free system like nuvoH2O produces conditioned, not softened, water.

While a small percentage of users say they see some improvement in scale deposits, or say their water seems to taste or rinse better after installing the NuvoH2O, the majority are disappointed, saying the Nuvo does not even come close to living up to its claims. In addition, plenty of experts point out that, except for one study that was sponsored by Nuvo, there is no independent, third party testing to back up the claims made by the company. We saw a few test results posted by owners who tested their water "before and after" NuvoH2O and found no discernable difference in their water.

Those who are most satisfied seem to be homeowners who don't have very hard water to begin with and who primarily want to control scaling. Even then, many say, you need to change the cartridge more frequently than the recommended every six months -- most say three months is better for optimum de-scaling. Unfortunately, that can add up. The base price of the basic NuvoH2O system is $650, and replacement cartridges are around $100. The reason that most people try the Nuvo in the first place is because water softeners are so pricey -- they can run in the thousands of dollars -- but if you have to replace cartridges that frequently your costs will add up quickly, and you still won't have a water softener.

NuvoH2O also claims to be easy to install, but most of the reviews we saw beg to differ and recommend you hire a plumber to do it for you. Customer service is reported as responsive in trouble-shooting problems, but many customers who returned the Nuvo within the 90-day money back guarantee period say they had long delays in getting their money back.

Hard water is a very real issue for some people, but NuvoH2O is not the answer to your problem. Experts say the only way to effectively deal with hard water is to have a qualified plumber test your water and find the water softening unit that fits your particular issue. If you're leery of salt-based softener systems, there are ways to work around having hard water that don't require a purchase, just some lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Using soap or shampoo made for hard water
  • Look for specific directions for hard water use on cleaning products
  • Use white vinegar on tile and faucets to remove deposits
  • Use bottled water for brewing coffee or tea
  • Flush hot water tank occasionally

Some studies indicate that hard water is healthier because of its higher mineral content, so that's something to consider as well before buying a water softener. However, we can't recommend the NuvoH2O simply because its main selling point -- which is that it softens water -- is false advertising.

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