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NuWave Oven Pro Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Excels at cooking meat
  • Cooks frozen food without defrosting


  • Durability issues; especially with dome and grate
  • Official website zings buyers with hidden fees
  • Warranty often not honored
  • Buyer must pay return shipping on warranty issues
Our Analysis
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The Pitch: Live well for less

The Verdict: You get out of it what you put into it.

The official video for the NuWave Oven Pro seems to imply that if you buy a NuWave, you'll drop pounds like you just had a stomach stapling. That's based upon NuWave's claims that you don't have to use fat to get a juicy, succulent result.

While that would be wonderful if it were true, it's only true if you're putting healthy ingredients in. French fries, pizza and cinnamon buns -- all of which are touted as easy to make in the NuWave -- are not exactly health foods, so we certainly don't recommend buying a NuWave oven for its supposed health benefits.

However, the big issue with the NuWave Oven Pro comes if you order it from the company's website. In January of 2014, the Better Business Bureau gave Health NuWave an "F" rating after reviewing thousands of complaints about deceptive charges. Customers who ordered "free" products were, in fact, charged hundreds of dollars in shipping and processing fees. According to the BBB, customers were charged up to $199.82 in shipping and handling for various products that were advertised as "free." There has been no resolution to the issue and our research shows that if you order the NuWave with all of the available add-ons, you can easily pay more than $150 in shipping costs.

In addition, there are some serious durability concerns about the NuWave Oven. We read numerous complaints of the dome cracking or melting after just a few uses, and quite a few owners say the stainless grill rusts if you don't dry it immediately after washing.

There is a warranty, but you have to pay for shipping and handling if you return any defective items, even if they're under warranty, so you may be out $30 or more for something that broke the second time you used it.

But now to the good news: If you buy the NuWave Oven from an online retailer like Amazon.com, it's a very straightforward transaction. At the NuWave website, one oven is $130 plus $30 shipping and handling, at Amazon.com it's the same price, but with free shipping for Prime members; $150 for non-Prime members, also with free shipping.

And many people say the NuWave does work very well, especially with various kinds of meat and they like that they can cook without heating up the kitchen. It will even cook meat from a frozen state if you forget to defrost.  Veggies and potatoes don't get such glowing reviews, with users saying they either take longer to cook than advertised, or end up mushy and unappetizing.

If you think the NuWave Oven Pro is the right choice for your kitchen, by all means order one from a reputable seller like Amazon.com. However, we think you're much better off to wave goodbye to the NuWave, and get yourself a good toaster oven with a convection feature, like the Breville BOV800XL (Est. $250) or the , which we cover in our separate report on toaster ovens. Toaster ovens get better reviews overall for performance than the NuWave Oven, without all the hidden fees and durability problems.

Our Sources

Editors of BBB.org, Not Dated

In explaining NuWave's "F" rating, BBB.org (the website of the Better Business Bureau), cites a pattern of deceptive and exorbitant charges as well as a failure to honor stated warranties. This rating is still in effect as of this update.

Contributors to Amazon.com, As of September 2015

More than 445 owners give the NuWave Oven Pro an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5. Most say it cooks a variety of foods very well -- although does better on meat than vegetable and side dishes. However, we saw quite a few complaints about the dome lid cracking, some of these breakage complaints date back years, while others are quite recent.

Contributors to QVC.com, As of July 2015

Nearly 340 reviewers give the NuWave Oven an overall average rating of 4.1 out of 5; 79 percent would recommend it to a friend. Most give it raves for how nicely it cooks food (although many say that potatoes take longer than the recipes suggest). A few found that the oven racks rust if you don't dry them immediately after washing.

Editors of Highya.com, Not Dated

Highya.com editors take a close look at the claims made by the NuWave Oven, as well as considering input from their consumer reviewers (there are five as of July 2015). Their conclusion is that, although the oven works, its health claims should be taken with a grain of salt, and they note the prevalence of negative issues if you order from the NuWave website.

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