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OneTouch Can Opener Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Good for users with limited hand mobility
  • Cut off lid has smooth edges


  • Leaves sharp edge on can itself
  • Can get stuck on can if battery runs out
  • May not work on all cans
  • Reports of defective units
Our Analysis
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Some reviewers find that the One Touch works well on any round can, no matter what the size, while others report success only with medium-sized cans. Even enthusiastic reviewers mention some caveats: Though the One Touch opener leaves a smooth edge on the lid, the edge of the can itself is very sharp and dangerous. Therefore, this can opener isn't recommended for use around children.

The main drawback, according to owners, is that there's no way to know for sure when the batteries need replacing. If the batteries die while the One Touch is cutting open a can, the device often gets stuck and it can be difficult to remove. One user says it could take as long as 10 minutes to pry it off.

Overall, the One Touch can opener seems to work well enough -- provided you get one that's not broken right off the bat. Because it doesn't require users to grip a handle, it's well liked by those with arthritis.

We found the most illuminating reviews on the websites of two TV stations: KDKA (Pittsburgh, Pa.) and at KFVS (Cape Girardeau, Mo.). KDKA explains why an apparently defective One Touch can opener needed resetting; when the instructions are followed carefully, it works fine. At KFVS, however, it's clear that one of the two units really is defective. Tests at two other TV stations are also helpful, as are owner-written reviews -- especially at Amazon.com -- where nearly 200 users review and rate the One Touch.

Our Sources

Kristine Sorensen and Yvonne Zanos, Nov. 13, 2006

This video clip shows three tests of the One Touch can opener. The first two are smooth and effortless, but the can opener fails to operate on the third test, even with fresh batteries. The reviewer explains that this is because it was removed from the second can before it stopped on its own. A reset button solves the problem. The review gives the One Touch a thumbs-up as a good buy as long as you use it as directed and only on regular round cans. One caveat is that although the cut lid has smooth edges, the can itself is incredibly sharp.

Lauren Keith, Aug. 23, 2006

This review tests two One Touch can openers -- one that failed an Aug. 10 test by journalist Lauren Keith, and another that a local viewer praises. Sure enough, the latter works fine, earning an A; the other earns an F because it failed to start, even with new batteries. Both testers conclude that it's best to buy the One Touch from a local or internet retailer with a good return policy, rather than from the TV ad with its high shipping charges.

Jeff Jumper,

Jeff Jumper regularly reviews kitchen items for this TV station. In this video, he tests the One Touch on a variety of different sized cans including tomato paste, tuna fish and one with a pop-off lid. Jumper shows that it works fine on all of the cans and doesn't note any drawbacks.

, July 19, 2006

Tests here find that the One Touch can opener works well on a regular can, but it didn't cut all the way through on a larger can. Despite this, volunteer tester Eveline Halgren says she really likes the can opener, and she's impressed by the smooth edges left on the lid.

Contributors to Amazon.com,

Nearly 200 owners review the One Touch Can Opener here. Ratings are quite mixed. A whopping 45 percent of the reviewers give this device the lowest possible rating; yet nearly a third of the owners say works great (though not on all size cans). Some owners complain of short battery life, sharp can edges or weird performance, but the main complaint seems to be that if the battery runs out while the One Touch is opening a can, it's extremely difficult and tedious to get it off.

Contributors to Target.com,

Over 30 owners give the One Touch can opener an average rating of 3 out of 5 possible stars. Some longtime owners are very satisfied with it, while others report problems from the start, so apparently there are some quality-control issues.

Contributors to Epinions.com,

Over a dozen owners review the One Touch here. Some are happy with it, but they're outnumbered by dissatisfied users who complain about defective units, sharp can edges and how it gets stuck if the batteries run out.

Contributors to AsSeenOnTVReviews.net,

Of the 18 reviews posted here, the majority are very negative. Many users are disappointed with the One Touch, saying it stopped working after a few tries.

Contributors to Walmart.com,

A handful of owners review the One Touch can opener here, and every one of them says it's easy to use. Several users recommend the One Touch for anyone with limited hand mobility. One owner reports that it works well on regular cans, but not on large ones.

"ellisd5", Oct. 17, 2007

This is one of several YouTube video clips showing the One Touch can opener at work. This user is enthusiastic, rating the can opener "a 10."

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