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PediPaws Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Safer than clipping nails
  • Cheaper than a groomer


  • Buzzing sound tends to scare pets
  • Not powerful enough for thick nails
  • Time consuming
Our Analysis
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A reporter at WPVI, an ABC news affiliate in Philadelphia, tries out PediPaws with a dog owner and a pet spa owner, and both agree that it is a time-consuming process that only works on very calm animals. Customer reviews on Amazon.com and MeasuredUp.com are mostly negative, with many reviewers saying their pets are frightened by the PediPaws trimmer. MeasuredUp.com reviewers also warn of problems in ordering from the official PediPaws website. The reviews on InfomercialRatings.com and Epinions.com have more positive reviews mixed with the negative, but all agree that PediPaws only works on smaller pets that are well-behaved.

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