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Perfect Fit Button Review

Updated: August 15, 2016

Bottom Line


  • Easy use
  • Makes pants bigger or smaller
  • Can be used to replace lost buttons
  • Saves you the cost of having to buy new clothes


  • Must be removed before cleaning
  • Some users find them hard to remove
  • Clothing can look funny with two buttons
Our Analysis

Reviews also note that it can look odd to have two buttons on one item of clothing. In most cases, you'll want to cover the buttons with a belt or a shirt. Overall, however, the reviews are quite positive.

We found the most thorough tests of the Perfect Fit Button kit at TV station KPLC (Lake Charles, La.), where Jeff Jumper tests it on a variety of fabrics, attempting to make a waist size smaller as well as larger. At another station, WGRZ (Buffalo, N.Y.), the tester tries it on a pair of jeans, evaluating the whole process, including the removal of the button. Tests at a third station, WVEC (Norfolk, Va.), only demonstrate how to attach the button and evaluate comfort.

We found mostly positive owner-written reviews at Amazon.com and Walgreens.com, as well as a very detailed and enthusiastic review at Hubpages.com.

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